5 Facebook Ads Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Jul 21, 2020


Facebook ads might sound familiar if you’re into the field of Online Marketing.

People spend tons of money on Facebook ads expecting to generate leads but most commonly they end up with No - Little conversions.

“ According to Weebly, nearly 62% of small business owners say that their Facebook ads campaign never works out well.”

Facebook ads are not productive when they are not done in the right way. A tiny mistake can ruin up everything and you might end up spending more budget on ads.

In this post, we would show you 5 most common Facebook Ad Mistakes that marketers should avoid and how they can start doing things differently from henceforth.

Testing Multiple Interests in an ad set

Targeting customers based on interest is one of the main features in Facebook ads. You can create a persona based on sales history and identify customers based on your well-defined parameters.

It often happens, when your ads are absolutely running fine, a small change in the ad set that might ruin up everything. So testing multiple interests in the same ad set is a big NO.


Instead, you can set up multiple ads set for multiple personas and then, later on, create ads on what suits best for those personas. After some time you will get to know which ad set with a particular interest is doing well. Based on the analysis you can disable the non-performing ad set and create more ads on well-performing ad sets.

Running many ads with a small budget

This happens when you have created an ad with many variations in a single ad set.In this case, Facebook often fails to attract the desired CTA when there are too many ad variations. Your ads budget is often split on ad variations. When you do this your budget will run out quickly and it won’t be possible to get desired results.

You can create multiple ads by splitting your campaign budget. Set a budget based on audience size. Create a few ad variations that make it easy to analyse.


Choosing a Wrong Facebook Ad Type

This is one of the most common mistakes done by many marketers. You need to understand the message that you want to convey through your ads. A successful campaign also depends upon impressions. When your ads are shown on right placements to the right audience, naturally your ads will attract more clicks.

You can measure your ad performance through CTR (Click Through Rate).

There are different ads types. Each ad type works best as per your campaign goals.

Along with these Ad options, there are also different ways you can place your Ads.

  • Desktop

  • Mobile

  • Right-hand sidebar


There are also two ways to display your ads depending on your objectives.

Lead ads that collect pre-populated information of the user through a form. And Link ads by these you can prompt Sign-Ups, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, etc.

Be careful with the desktop ads as there will be a lot of competition your campaign may dry up soon if you have a lesser budget.

It is always suggested to run A/B testing with different ad types for a while and optimise that high performing ad type for better results.

Abandoning your Ad

A lot of marketers make these mistakes. They never analyse old campaigns. You should not keep creating new ads every time. You wouldn’t know if there might be a chance that one of your ads might reach your goal more effectively than a new one.

If you have found an old ad that suits your current requirement then no need to create a new ad. You can simply duplicate the old and run it again. Never abandon your ads.

This is another way to save time and budget. A new ad definitely needs time to analyse and by the time you know the performance you might have lost the conversion. So, make use of old ads.

Not Having a Clear Value Proposition

A clear value proposition is an important aspect of any campaign. You need to always create the ad around a proposition that matches with the services that you offer and how it adds value to your customers.

This is where marketers and brands differentiate themselves about the rest. This is where top brands stand out well enough when it comes to marketing. If there is no clear value proposition, there are no conversions and there will be no brand loyalty created among customers. Always stick to your brand theme while creating the campaign.


Researching your target audience and paying attention to the kind of Ad type that works best is important. Use these tips and avoid making these common mistakes. These mistakes may look small but it does sometimes cost a lot.

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