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Improve Digital Marketing Strategy with CHATBOTS

Posted in Marketing-Buzz, Technology Bites on Nov 01, 2018


Whenever a viewer drops your company’s website in search engine, a immediate pop-up with a welcome message strikes out on the desktop and asks you about what you are looking for, your likes, choices and preferences.

What’s that pop-up mean?

Have you ever thought about this ?

Ok, will let you know !!!

That’s exactly mean the CHATBOTS.

What are chatbots?

"Chatbots are the automatic conversation machines, which can mimic human conversations in the form of speech or text using AI( Artificial Intelligence)."

The main aim of this chatbots is to provide the answers to the customer needs or queries by interacting with chatbots rather than searching there needs on the website.


Why to use chatbots ?

Generating business leads is not a rocket science but yes, it also isn’t a cakewalk. Chatbots nowadays smartly do that by conversing with your potential customers and creating a list of names, E-mail ID's and even phone numbers sometimes.

Through the interaction, it casually gets to know about the his personal details as well and passes on to the company’s data bank which the company eventually uses it for sending updates about products, seminars, coupons and so on.

This makes the entire process of lead generation quicker and smoother.

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How exactly Chatbots fit for Digital Marketing ?

Here are some of the tatics where chatbots can fit perfectly

1. Quick response time with Chatbots

Potential customers might be driven away if they can’t immediately find the answers they’re looking on your site, or if they’re confused to understand your company’s product or service. Chatbots keep your customer interested to your services by giving immediate responses for there sales related queries.

2. Chat bosts Effeciently express your Brand

Building brand value is a quintessential aspect of digital marketing.As per this Chatbots help in promoting the brand by interacting with people regarding the brand benefits, discounts and other promotional offers , moreover it provide metrics like customer engagement levels, brand mentions and leads turning into customers.

3. Social Media Marketing + Chatbots

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Chatbots are covering over social media marketing as they allow consumers to engage with them in terms of content consumption, customer service and transactional engagements.

When marketers integrate the Chat bots over their accounts and have them interlinked with there social media accounts, they can actually get to voice their brand messages across all social media platforms.

4. Cost effective

Chatbots are significantly cheaper and affordable than having to pay for a customer service representative. Of course, Chat bots can’t totally replace humans, but at least it could lessen the work and manpower needed to drive sales into your business.

5. Mobile Optimized Chatbots

With the increasing mobile usage, it’s important to ensure that the web chat experience is mobile-optimized or not, either through your company’s mobile website, or through popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WeChat.

Chatbots are designed with mobile optimisation, You don’t have to go through the additional trouble of getting them mobile-optimised. More importantly, they are easy to implement.

Final note about chatbots

Chatbots are booming in all sectors. Undoubtedly, chatbots are useful in digital marketing too. They can be implemented in many ways such as broadcasting latest arrivals, special offers, deals, discounts. Generating leads by sharing with the users and much more.

If you are still considering whether to use chatbots or not, by all means, try them out!

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