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9 reasons to use Long-tail keywords in SEO

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Oct 20, 2018


Basically you might be thinking what is long-tail keyword? How long-tail keyword help in approving the SEO of a webpage?

Long-tail keyword is nothing but the broad search keyword which is mostly 3 or more words. People who are very particular about a product will go for long-tail keyword and using long-tail keyword is more preferred because it gives more obvious results.

For ex: If you wish to buy a 1GBPS Streaming Server in Netherlands and if you search streaming server in the search engine then it will give a list of related data which will include the meaning of Streaming server, articles related to streaming server, questions and answer and much more.

In case you use the long-tail keyword “Buy streaming server Netherlands” it will give you the exact details and your time will be saved.


Importance of Long-tail Keywords in SEO.

1.Search Engine

If you use Long-tail keyword in your search then, the search engine will provide you the right results directly.

As you are targeting on the long-tail keyword, It will be easy for the search engine to redirect the searches to your targeted page.The search results will be direct and not indirect, which will guide the traffic to the information or the service they are looking for.

2.Easy to rank among the competitors

If you use the long-tail keyword then the average position will be high for the particular keyword. The long-tail keywords are more descriptive so the title will directly grab customers attention and they will understand the content easily.

Once we start getting the right audience for our product, we can easily rank among the competitors, which is affordable, without investing much time and money.

3.Conversion rate

The conversion rate is higher in long-tail keyword as compared to the generic and short-tail keyword.

You will not get more traffic in long-tail keyword search, but you will get the right traffic which is very important in SEO.

You will get the traffic which is looking for your product and which will eventually increase your conversion rate.

4.Increase user interaction

When the users will get what they are searching, immediately, then it will make them engaged with the content.

Since you are bringing the right traffic to your website, the user interaction will increase and which is a plus point for your SEO. As you are easily getting traffic, you can increase the customers engagement in your website.

5.Brings more organic traffic

In SEO organic traffic is important and using long-tail keyword you can accomplish it. Increasing the organic traffic will increase your page ranking which in turn will result into the right traffic and higher ranking.

Organic traffic is more preferable over paid traffic because in organic traffic you are not paying or investing anything over the search engine.

6.Bounce rate

When your web site is targeting the right audience through long-tail keyword, the bounce rate will be decreased because the right traffic is visiting your web site and they are getting what they are looking for.

Bounce rate is also a ranking factor in SEO so if the bounce rate is low, you will get higher ranking.

7.Less competitive

The long tail keywords are less competitive as compared to the generic and short tail keyword. So you can easily get more benefits of the long-tail keywords. If the competition level is low then you can easily rank higher and get more traffic to your website.

8.Long tail keywords result in fast result

As the right traffic is reaching our website using the long-tail keyword, it will give you the fast result. The page load time is a ranking factor in search engine.

If the page load is less then you will get higher ranking in the search engine.

9.Less expensive

If you are planning to invest in Google ad-words then it wont charge you more as the long-tail keywords are less competitive and very less people will be bidding for the keyword.

Long-tail keywords are cheaper yet grab more traffic to your website. In this way you can utilize the positive point and make use of it.


In this topic we have seen “How long-tail keywords are beneficial for SEO”. It is important to understand the main concept behind using the long-tail keyword over generic and short-tail keyword.

Once you are able to distinguish between the different types of keywords, you can expect more personalized long-tail keyword, which is very important for your motto to publish your website.

Ranking high on the search engine is not only important to get business but it is also important to convey your message through content which is beneficial to some one.

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