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Adopt a Content Calendar for Your Website

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Sep 14, 2018


What is content calendar ?

A Content Calendar can be anything used to Plan, Schedule, and organize content and other marketing projects.Content Calendar is a strategic marketing tool in a way.However, it also acts as a medium to keep your team organized and on top of things.

Benefits of having a Content Calendar

1. Most importantly, it helps you maintain the consistency. It is very crucial to stay consistent if you’re in the content marketing business.

2. When your content is well-planned in advance, you can prepare and organize around the key dates, events and launches that could influence your content.

3. Calendars help you see what’s coming up so you can carve out time in your schedule to get ahead.

4. Content Calendar keeps your team well-informed on how to go about things in future. It avoids confusion, and ensures the team sticks to a schedule.

Two Top Tools for Organizing Your Content Calendar


A WordPress plugin, where it enables you to create calendars for your projects, add members,schedule and assign tasks.Co-schedule also integrates with WordPress websites and social media accounts, it enables you to schedule both blog posts and social media publications with ease.


A powerful, calendar-based tool to help you organize your content.


1. A great tool to schedule social media to promote your posts in the same calendar that you manage your content in.

2. Social media analytics for each post so you can see what is getting shared.

3. Integrates with Bitly, Google Analytics, Buffer and Google Calendar.

4. Easy to use and a really smooth interface.

5. Drag and drop calendar interface.


1. The design favors drafting in WordPress, which is not the best for collaboration or word processing.

2. Only for WordPress.

3. Co-schedule is not for free,as its plans starts from $40 per month for a single user, and $9 for each teammate you want to add.

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Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards, but has a calendar power-up that allows you to visualize your cards on a calendar.Furthermore it enables you to set up to-do boards, lists, tables, and other methods for keeping track of what needs to be done.



1. A Great collaboration tool, which lists and cards are endlessly customization.Cards can integrate with Google Drive.

2. Plugins like card this to trello, make saving links to quotes, research, and images right in a list for a fast and easy discovery process for content.

3. Trello can be used to manage many different projects and workflows outside of the editorial calendar.

4. No dependencies between tasks.

5. Trello offers a robust free plan, and premium options starts at $9.99 per user, per month.


1. You can't schedule posts from Trello.

2. It does not support social media.

3. Large file uploads require a paid subscription.

4. Calendar view won't show that who has assigned to the post like the list view does.

Final Say

If you are ready to tackle your content creation in a deeper & more strategic way, then you should maintain a content calendar for your website. It will help you to plan the things and budget criteria in advance and helps to implement the desired plan with perfection. This will not only keep you organized, but also offer you ample time to maintain quality of your content.

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