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A/B Tests on Your Website

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Mar 02, 2019


Usually, it is common to compare the information. Whether it is a hosting plan you are comparing or you are comparing a product with user reviews. The comparison directs you to the best option. So today let us see “ How to perform A/B test on your website”

A/B test is common these days among websites and marketers. When marketers plan for a marketing strategy, it is very important to establish a very strong plan. If you plan two strategies and compare those, you will be able to decide the best among them.

What is A/B testing?

The word itself specifies the definition of A/B testing. But if you are not aware what is A/B testing then it is nothing but an A/B test is a method to beat two variants of something to see which is more successful.

For example, if you have designed two email templates and you send both the emails to your customers then the email which gives you more conversion in the best.

How do we perform A/B Testing for our Website?

A website is the first impression for your visitors who are looking for your product/ services. It plays a vital role in conversion so it should be designed in such a way that it gives you maximum conversion.

Using A/B testing, two versions of the webpages are designed with different elements and presented to different customers. The webpage which gets more conversion wins the A/B test.

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How does A/B testing works?

The well planned A/B testing can give you the maximum profit to your business by narrowing down on its most important components through testing and then linking them. It includes the following steps:

1. Performing analysis

The first step is to perform the research. Use site inspection tools, for example, Google Analytics, heatmaps, overviews, and client tests to gather information on guest conduct and track measurements.

2. Graph formulation

This step involves designing the graph based on your research. This will help you to aim bigger and achieve more.

3. Design the variations

Based on the two steps, the next step is to design the variations. This step is very crucial and should be deprived carefully. It takes an ample amount of time for this step.

4. Performing the test

Once both the designs are ready, the next step is to perform the test. This step involves your customers who should decide the result of the test.

5. Analyzing results and conclusion

Once the test is complete, the next step is to examine the results and concluding the result of the test.


A/B testing is a systematic method to improve your website. As the website is important, performing A/B test will help your business grow. With the above steps, it turns out to be extremely simple to prepare any number of test. The more tests you run, the quicker you can improve your business growth and conversion.

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