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Choose The Best - Cloud Hosting Or Managed Servers

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Jul 08, 2018


Confused about opting Cloud Hosting orManaged Server for hosting your business website? Managed Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting service options puts every business owner in dilemma as both the hosting services have significant capabilities like, highly scalable environment, high computing capability, large storage capacity and lots more. Nevertheless, both the best hosting platforms include few pros and cons. But before discussing pros and cons in detail, let us know what are the similarities of Managed Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting service.

Similarities between Managed Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting

Security, Reliability, Powerful Dedicated Functionalities and Scalable environment are highlighting similarities of managed servers and cloud hosting. Both the services can run similar operating system, applications and can use same control panels for easy access of website data. However, above all, there are major differences between managed server and cloud hosting making both services useful in several ways. Now let us know in detail the distinguishing factors of Managed Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting services.

Distinguishing Traits of Cloud Hosting

  • When you opt cloud hosting service your data will be hosted on virtual machine. Whereas, if you opt managed server then your data will be hosted on a single physical server. A cloud server requires a physical server to run on.
  • In case of any hardware failure, the cloud server running on virtual machine can be moved to another physical server with no hiccups caused.
  • It is easier to create services on-demand, as the cloud server runs on virtual environment.
  • Instant scalability of server resources is the vital benefit of cloud hosting service without incurring downtime issue.
  • Cloud Hosting is less expensive compared to managed servers and you are charged on pay-per-use basis.
  • Maintaining security and other aspects like OS or software installation is easier in cloud hosting platform, i.e you do not require much management support of your web host.

Distinguishing Traits of Managed Dedicated Servers

  • Dedicated Servers are more expensive than cloud servers as it incurs hardware maintenance cost.
  • Deployment of dedicated servers takes more time than cloud servers, as one has to manually configure the server configurations.
  • Provision to control and manage the configurations of a dedicated server makes it more powerful than a cloud server.
  • Dedicated servers are best preferred to host website or application with large database.
  • Dedicated servers are not part of any network system which requires sharing of hardware. Hence with dedicated server your website can experience complete isolated environment.

Now you know the distinguishing factors of both Managed Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting. We are making it very clear for you to choose either of best hosting services to host business website. We provide efficient and best Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers to get your business online.

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