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Choose Web Hosting Service Wisely

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Jul 26, 2018


How do pick the [best web hosting service]( when there are various web hosting services with unique traits? Well, decision making just does not rely on the price. You need to take into consideration few vital aspects before choosing the appropriate web hosting service out of various hosting services option.

You could go with shared hosting, the most affordable hosting service, wherein the server resources are shared among the websites of multiple clients hosted on the shared server. Or you can go with Business Hosting, which is as efficient and affordable than a Virtual Private Server. Or you could choose a virtual server, providing dedicated server resources and isolated environment. Also there is Cloud Hosting service, a self-healing service which keeps your work safe on cloud. Cloud Hosting follows Pay-Per-Use model, which means you pay only for the resources used by your website. Or you can go with Dedicated Server, the most expensive web hosting, wherein the entire physical server is dedicated for your company’s or business website hosting purpose. Let us discuss on which hosting service you need to choose to keep your business on buzz.

Key Traits of Various Web Hosting Services

- Shared Hosting

It is the most inexpensive web hosting service chosen by many of the small business owners, bloggers or individuals wanting to hosting service for personal use. Shared hosting service by Scopehosts starts with just € 3.99. The biggest con of this cheap hosting service is that the sites hosted on the shared server is affected if sites of the other client hosted on same server uses more resources, this can cause decrease in your website performance.

- Business Hosting

Business Hosting service is as powerful as a VPS but at the same time it is affordable compared to the same. It is perfect to host Ecommerce websites, image-heavy and video streaming websites, business listings and social networking sites. Business hosting by Scopehosts starts at € 19.99. If you are not technically sound to manage your server then you can go with business hosting.

- Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Server or a VPS is most preferred for hosting ecommerce websites because you are guaranteed with dedicated server resources such as RAM, IP, Hard Disk and Bandwidth, that only you have access to. ScopeHosts provides VPS on KVM and OpenVZ platforms. Also we provide Managed VPS with 24/7 management support by the VPS geeks. But VPS hosting is expensive when compared to business hosting.

- Dedicated Servers

It is the most expensive web hosting service. Large business enterprises mostly prefer dedicated servers as they want to keep their business website up and running unceasingly. With dedicated servers you do not have to share server resources with any of the clients as your server is completely dedicated to you. Scopehosts provides robust dedicated servers of USA, Germany, Netherlands and Russia dedicated servers.

Now you know the different types of hosting servers and we conjecture that this article has given you better idea to choose the most appropriate web hosting service for your business wisely. Do share your views in the comment section on the aspects considered while choosing the web hosting service.

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