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Free Web Hosting or Paid Web Hosting

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Nov 19, 2017


When you have newly designed a website for your Business and want to turn your offline business to online through Hosting the website, you might go with Free Web Hosting due to budget constraints.

Free Web Hosting has both merits and demerits that might make your business growth deplete.

The one and only advantage of using Free Web Hosting is that it is completely free of cost. You can get your website hosted for free, with free space on server and free sub – domain name. Every web host retain different policy of free web hosting service.

Free Web Hosting is suitable to host single page website and not websites with commercial purpose.

Now let us know what are the demerits of Free Web Hosting are

  • Domain Name

With Free Web Hosting you get to have only sub-domain and no main domain. Web host will add your website as a sub-domain upon their domain name, like yourwebsite.webhostdomain. To have an own domain then you must pay to the web host.

  • Support by Web Host

There is lack of customer support by the host if you are a free web hosting service client. If any issues related to your hosting account, your website facing downtime or any issue related to hosting service then you must have to pay to get support by the host.

  • Limited Server Resources

If your website needs more server resources than the assigned resources like bandwidth, then you cannot fulfil those resources with free web hosting service. You will have to pay to get extra server resources.

  • Absence of Promotions

Opting Free Web Hosting service for hosting e-commerce websites is of no use, because being a website owner you are restricted to position any kind of ads on your website due to the limitations of free web hosting service.

Hence enfold these major restraints of Free Web Hosting by picking up the most affordable yet very useful Web Hosting service viz. Shared Hosting.

Shared Hosting, the most cost-effective web hosting service, is the best solution for all the website owners desiring to host their websites however have low budget constraints. Shared hosting service is most preferred by Freelancer webmasters, bloggers and attracts small businesses, portfolios and websites with less traffic.

The websites hosted on the shared server shares server resources like bandwidth, space, FTP accounts, email accounts and database. This sharing of server resources makes shared hosting very affordable and powerful than free web hosting service. The limitations of free web hosting is plastered by Shared Hosting because with this hosting service you can register new domain for your website, can gain interminable support by web host and possess the opportunity to upgrade the resources whenever required.

Want to know where you can obtain the best Shared Hosting for your Business?

Yes, you are right, it is Scopehosts. At Scopehosts you will get SSD shared hosting service with

  1. SSD space
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. Unlimited sub-domains
  4. Free Cloudflare CDN
  5. Support for Multiple PHP versions
  6. Anytime Moneyback
  7. Free Domain Registration
  8. Free Comodo SSL
  9. Interminable Customer Support

(Terms & Conditions Applied)

With our Shared Hosting you will have cPanel access to manage features like uploading images, managing FTP accounts and monitoring website statistics. As well you will get Single Click Installer to install over 350+ applications with a single click and free migration from cPanel to cPanel if not satisfied with current web host.

However, an undeniable fact of Shared hosting is that your website is prone to vulnerabilities due to the presence of other websites hosted on the shared environment.

Thus to Secure your Online identity Scopehosts is up to help you with most efficient and highly secured web hosting services like Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Unmanaged VPS Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

Choose the most suitable web hosting service by Scopehosts and pave the way to get your digital presence uproar.

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