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Google Mobile SERP with 14 Ads

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Feb 20, 2019


Hawk-eyed users might have observed keenly that Google is now testing 14Ads per search in mobile version.

Currently Google’s Ads are more manageable for mobile search, may be in future that could be changed. A recent ongoing Google test shows how it fills the mobile SERPs with numerous ads, with only a few organic results.

The Google’s test was first spotted by Fibre Marketing, who shared a screen recording of the discovery in twitter. In the recording, you will see a total of 14 ads are shown before the user reaches the ‘More results’ button at the end of the page.

As you can notice in the above recording, 14 ads are displayed before arriving at the “More results” button at the bottom of the screen.

At the top of the each page you can spot, there are 4 consecutive ads, followed by 2 organic SERP’s listings.

Then there are 7 more ads in the row, followed by 6 organic SERP’s results.

Finally, the Google SERP ends with 3 more ads before the “More results” button appears.

That’s 14 paid results and 8 organic results, which is almost twice as many ads as regular search results.

It’s quite the tough move from Google, as however you look at it, it’s a large number of ads in comparison to what users currently should experience. It has to be said by Google, though, that not all searches result in this many ads appearing, so it could entirely be based on what content is available for each search.

If the test performed well, there might be a possibility to see more SERPs like this.

For advertisers, this could be a benefit, with much more canvas available for there company’s website PPC optimisation for paid search. However the test is a good sign for advertisers, but not so good for SEOs. With so few organic results among a slew of paid ads, it could be difficult securing a position of worth or standing out from the slew of paid listings.

However it’s very hard to imagine users would let Google get away with this many ads(14 Ads) without any hefty backwash.

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