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Google’s Love On Your Website

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Feb 13, 2019


Well Done - Now take a deep breath - you’ve taken first step: you’ve found our article to know how to flirt and make your website to be loved by Google.

Google Love is an analogy for its preference for a website within its first few searches. The more Google love your website, the more often it is presented to searchers.

Starting with On-page SEO of the website and stretching to Off-page SEO, a newly launched website demands complete attention from Google.

As the number of business websites worldwide continue to grow at an incredibly swift pace, the race to be at the top of search engine result pages is getting more and more competitive, Search Engine optimization is hardly a matter of choice any more.


If you want to get more traffic to your website — and not just traffic, visitors who are uniquely attuned to and looking exactly for the products and services that you offer, then take the time to optimize your website — it’s free, it’s easy to do, and most importantly, if you do it in right way, you can see real and tangible results within several months, or even way sooner.

Google starts to decide whether or not to love your website based on some simple principles.

  1. Make to Load it Fast
  2. Let it be Responsive
  3. Looks be More attractive(Design)
  4. Updated Blog Topics
  5. Proper Link Strategy
  6. Mobile-Friendly Website
  7. Proper On-page + Off-page SEO
  8. Keep an eye on website security
  9. Quality Links
  10. Content related URLs

BONUS TIP: Only 3 things works best




The Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms updates are starting to produce some substantial changes to who ranks high in Google. Google’s aim is to remove the content farms that add no value and replicate poor quality content.

The only difference of improving Google’s love for an existing website and new website is same - How you manage the flow of existing reputation to the optimized form.

Build Your website for Google.

We at Scopehosts wish everyone on this valentine’s day to have good relation of your Website with Google.

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