Top 8 Graphic Design Trends For 2019

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Graphic Design have the power to change the way we look over a brand. Graphics is the most vibrant and dynamic element in Digital Era.

If you’re a Graphic Designer must be aware of the fact that no matter which project/website you are working on, you should have the knowledge about the latest graphic design trends.

It’s best to keep up to date with the latest trends of Graphic design. Stand out from the crowd in 2019 with impactful Graphic design trends. Not all of these trends mentioned here will be relevant for your brand, but some might be, and they could help to generate more attention of visitors for your website.

Peek into the Graphic Design Trends of 2019.

1. Retro Visuals

Utilize 80’s and 90’s designs to inspire the Designing world in 2019. If retro styles adapted to modern time can win audience of different ages.


2. 3D Designs Elements

Today, 3D design works are playing a prominent role in both graphic and web designing. Simply to be termed they become omnipresent in this century designs. 3D designs bring life to flat/boring objects and designs.

Recreate new world around you by embracing new 3D elements in your design.

3. Vivid Colors

Color is an important part of product design and branding. Continue to be in Designing trend of 2019 with vivid color transitions and gradients.


Get powerful looks to your designs by combining 3D visual techniques with trendy vivid color transitions. This can be the million dollar combination in 2019

4. Customs Font Styles

Creativeness can’t just limit to 3D designs and motion graphics, it can be with custom font styles which guarantees a unique outcome to clients . Some brands are asking their designers not to use the common fonts which are used by hundreds of other websites. So it is suggested to all the graphic designers to add typography as extra personality skills.

Eye-catchy designs and unique typography can surely attract the right audience to your site. Using distinctive fonts can make you to stand stronger in this competitive design world.

5. Isometric Design

With the help of Isometric designs one can create the whole universes in tiny spaces with full detailing. It may sound a little technical, but it is merely a method of drawing 3D objects in two dimensions.


Expect to see more isometric illustrations with large typography and cool compositions in your designs. Plus Isometric designs are saved to a smaller file size than 3D, so you get all of the bang with none of the lag!

6. Motion Graphics

From 2019 onwards, companies showcase their brand logos in a more symbolic manner with Motion graphics. There will be huge rise for motion design in this year, as logos, website design, UI/UX and social media marketing completely depend on Motion designs.

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Motion graphics in branding are just a part of a larger trend, which is seeing motion design become better integrated into the branding mix, according to Wouter Sel, co-founder and animation director at Volstok.

7. Bold and Strong Typography

Typography is one of the elementary parts of Graphic design, every designer has some views on using typography in his/her directions.

Designers should focus on making simple designs with bold easy-to-read texts which may turn images/design to clean and elegant.

8. Fluid/Liquid Effect

Designers are uniting their latest designs with liquid effects to create something new and unworldly. This can turned to be one of the trendy graphic design trends of 2019(prediction), getting water surface to graphic design can stand out as a trend.

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Fluid effects are not new we are using, it passed 2017,2018 and stepping in to even 2019. Combined with fluid trend, bold typography and futuristic colors can make your design/website really outstanding and dreamy.

Experiment with these Trends in 2019

There are still some of the trends to be mentioned: Asymmetrical layouts, Open compositions, Metallic effect, Realism + Flat mix. Try these too along with the mentioned top 8 trends of Graphic designs in 2019.

We hope you enjoyed our trends for 2019 and that you found them useful.

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