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How to Launch a Website Without any Skills

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Nov 27, 2018


All of us plan different marketing techniques to create brand awareness of our products. In today’s competitive era it is highly difficult to decide which marketing strategy to go with as the market is changing day by day.

As the entire globe is converted into digital, it is very important to market your business digitally. Whether it is a small scale business or a large scale business, marketing your company digitally will yield a large amount of traffic interested in your products and you get experience of variety of customers with whom you can plan your marketing strategy. Understanding your customers is very important to plan your tactics.

I know you will have questions in your mind such as How I can launch a website without any skills? Creating a website will yield profit to your business or no?

In order to launch a website you are not required to have any technical skills. If you just know the basics, it is enough. what is exactly a website and what you want to showcase your customers through a website? If you have these questions in your mind then you should start with the website immediately.

In this article I will guide you through the steps to launch your website without any skills.

1.Domain name for your business

First thing you need in launching your website is a Domain. Domain name is nothing but the name of your website. This name will be visible to the customers when they search for your business in the search engine.

domain banner.jpg

Depending on your business you can choose the domain name. Make sure that you are choosing the right domain name for your website because the domain name get the right customers to your website. It should be simple and catchy. Scopehosts provides FREE Domain with Business hosting, Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting and so on.

2.Hosting for the website

The second thing you need is web hosting. Now you will be thinking what is exactly web hosting? Here is your answer.

You will create your website in the form of file in your personal system but you want to showcase that file to the world. To do so, you will need to save these files in the system which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. These systems are known as servers. You need to buy a space in these servers and this process is known as hosting.


Hosting is an important factor in your website. Based on your requirements, you can choose among the variety of hosting plans.

You should know the important factors while choosing the hosting plan. Your website behavior depends on your hosting. The factors influencing hosting are Location, Speed, Bandwidth, RAM and so on.ScopeHosts is providing wide variety of plans and you are free to choose the location also. Based on your traffic and website requirements, you can choose the plan.

3.Website builder

The third requirement is website builder. You will get many drag and drop website builders to choose. You just need to decide the theme and start building your website. Scopehosts is giving free website builder - Weebly with hosting. You can go with WordPress builder also. At Scopehosts we offer WordPress hosting at an affordable price.


Now deciding the website builder is also a crucial thing. You need to be very specific while choosing the website builder. You should make sure that the builder you are choosing is capable of handling your needs as your online business grows.

Are you done?

Once you know the basics of website, you can create the website easily. Buy domain and hosting and Design the theme as per your requirement with the site builder and launch your dream website in a day.

Key points you should know to launch a website:

  1. Which theme to choose

  2. Domain provider to buy the domain

  3. Domain name

  4. Hosting provider

  5. Type of hosting and duration

You will need to search for answers for these questions and start your journey to build the website without any skills.

Final Note:

As the world is becoming digital, our lives are getting more easy. Even if you don’t have any basic skills, you can design your website. You need to follow the simple steps and your website is ready. In this century, website is one of the important marketing strategy rather then going with the organic marketing. I hope this article helped you to better understand the concept.

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