How to Stop Your Website Getting a Google Penalty

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Nov 08, 2018


When you are New to SEO you will imagine how to rank in Google search engine? You will also get different questions like how Google handles so many search queries?

Basically, Google has designed its own algorithm for its users. The algorithm will decide the ranking for a particular web page and it also handles the queries based on this algorithm.

In case you try to play with Google algorithms then your web page will be penalized.

Exactly what is Google penalty?

Google penalty is nothing but decrease in your page rank drastically in the search engine.

Google can penalize the web page for two reasons. Either for not maintaining their webmaster guidelines or using some black hat techniques.

How we will understand weather our website is penalized?

When you search for your brand name in the Google,if your website and the social media pages of your brand is coming first then your website is not penalized.

In case if you are not ranking for your brand name then you are in big trouble and you are being penalized.

There is another way to understand weather the website is penalized. You just copy and paste the content of your website and if your website is ranking for your content then you are not penalized and if other pages are displayed for your content then you are penalized.


Webmaster guidelines

Google have provided us their tool, Google search console which helps us in maintaining the web page.

Google web master gives us all the notifications and it is a very vast topic. If we do not resolve the issues informed by Google search console then Google penalize us.

Black Hat Technique

Black Hat SEO is nothing but increasing the ranking of your web page by violating the terms and conditions of search engine.

If Google finds that we have violated its terms and conditions then it will penalize us.

There are many reasons for Google to penalize the web page. So lets try to figure out how we can keep our web page safe from Google penalties?**

How we can stop our website being penalized?

Most of the people ask this questions. Here are some reasons:

1. Broken link

If we have any broken link in our website then we get notification in Google web master. Google hates broken links so it is very important to remove these broken links for not increasing our chances to be penalized.


2. Duplicate content

Google will penalize the web page if the page contains duplicate content. It is very important to check for the duplicate content.

Use the tool plagiarism checker for making correction in your content.

3. Buying links

Google is mastermind so if you are buying some links then it will understand. In the beginning your web page may rank but once the Google algorithm finds this, it will directly penalize your web-page for using black hat technique.

So never buy any backlinks from websites.

4. Keyword stuffed content

Google’s algorithms are designed in such a way that it will understand whether you have written genuine content or just did keyword stuffing for better ranking.

We should ignore keyword stuffing and always check the keyword density. You will not be directly penalized but you will never rank for such content.

5. Website load time

Website loading time is a ranking factor. Same way, if the website is taking long time for website loading then the search engine decreases your website ranking.

We should always check for the website load time and remove the factors which are increasing the website load time.


6. Hidden links

If you have any hidden link in your website then Google penalize such web page. So it is better not to have any hidden links in the website.

If we have any hidden links bymistake also then we should remove it before Google penalize our web page.

When you get the algorithmic penalty, it becomes troublesome to increase your ranking again. It is quite difficult to understand why you got penalized but it is not impossible.

7. Less content

Less content is also a factor for Google to penalize your website. If you are not maintaining the content density specified by the Google then you are more vulnerable for Google penalty.

Try to make the content density as specified by the Google so you will be in the safer zone of Google penalty.


It is not difficult for maintaining your website from Google penalty. I believe that precaution is better then cure. So make sure that you have designed your website in such a way that you are free from google penalty. This is precaution.

Once getting penalized it is a big procedure to rank higher and waste of time. In this time period you will loose many genuine customers.

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