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Keep In with Latest Programming Trends

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Jan 11, 2018


In the era of advancing technology, the IT field has grown very rapidly and at faster pace. The newly emerging applications and varied software are well furnished with new trends and technologies. Likewise to develop advantageous software and applications the developers have been adapting to the latest Programming Trends.

Here you can get to know what are the happening trends and old hat trends of programming being used by our web developers.

  • Use of Preprocessors is the in the trends, whereas use of Full language stacks is out of trends. A preprocessor is used to output data that is used as input to another program very efficiently and it’s very easy to apply preprocessor rather than to apply full language stack. Creation of Groovy and CoffeeScript substantiates the use of Preprocessors in on higher demand to write code very efficiently with help of rich set libraries and APIs.

  • JavaScript MVC frameworks are used more than JavaScript files. Now the new introduced MVC frameworks like Backbone, AngularJS, Sencha, Kendo and more are used to handle events and content of your web applications and web pages.

  • CSS frameworks are used more than Generic Cascading Style Sheets. Before adding any style to a page was tedious, as the designers had to append everything in one single CSS file, which would ruin entire style of the page if one single mistake occurs. Hence this led to the emerge of CSS frameworks like SASS and Compass, offering the programming constructs such as nesting block, mixing and etc, giving the designers a forward leap.

  • Video tags are being used more than static tags to create gifs and other videos to provide a better look and feel to the web page.

  • Spark is sparking red and hot, whereas Hadoop is surely cooling off. Spark’s processing speed is making it more preferred than Hadoop.

Additional to the above mentioned trends, there are other Programming trends such as use of

  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning than Big Data
  • Robotics than Virtual things
  • Single-Page web apps than websites
  • Mobile Web Apps than Native Mobile Apps
  • GPU than CPU
  • Node.js than JavaEE, PHP and Ruby
  • Android than ios and more.

Get equipped with New Programming trends and make programming and developing a fascinating profession.

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