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Posted in Press-Release on Sep 18, 2018


If a Picture is a Worth of Thousand Words, a Moving Picture is Worth of Million.

With the meteoric development of Streaming Media Technology and the expansion of its application in almost all the fields, more and more users want to enjoy High Definition(HD) video.

As a result, bulk of media data needs to be transmitted over the network and the server loads increase dramatically. In order to handle the large volume of data, the streaming media system has to alleviate the load of backbone network to avoid network congestion.

What is Streaming ?

Streaming is a method of serving (or) delivering, audio and video content over the Web. As broadband availability has swelled and compression standards have become more efficient, streaming has become most popular way to publish high-quality live and on-demand video.

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What are Streaming Servers ?

Dedicated High End / High Bandwidth servers that enable constant delivery of video and audio content are called as Streaming Servers.

  • Most of the streaming server technologies record, encode and broadcast videos in real time making them suitable for websites of live shows, TV stations or websites like Netflix, or that have millions of visitors playing and uploading videos with just a second.

  • Dedicated Streaming servers are prone to provides live streaming with High Bandwidth and on demand streaming of any multimedia contents.

ScopeHosts Streaming Servers

At Scopehosts, Experience Fast and High Performance with our Netherlands Streaming Servers.Our Next-Gen Dedicated Server are powered with 100TB Metered Servers and Unmetered 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 40Gbps Reliable Network Port, In-House DDOS Protection, and Industry-Leading SLA.

  • Scopehosts Netherlands Dedicated Servers are Built on Latest Hardware Technology to handle Enterprise Process Loads with easy and Increase the Business Performance with 20x faster.

  • Our Netherlands Streaming Servers are suitable for Gaming Servers, e-Commerce Websites, Large-scale Enterprise and Other Large Traffic websites with continuous changing Traffic spikes.

  • With our Dedicated Streaming servers you can host HD videos, live streaming, audio content, online games or some super-advanced software without any hassle, the revolutionary new Dell R720 is rightly your go-to dedicated server.

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Outstanding Features with ScopeHosts Dedicated Streaming Servers :

  • Latest Intel E3, E5 Processors.
  • Enterprise SATAII/SSD/SAS Drives.

  • ECC DDR3/DDR4 RAM`s.

  • Robust Network Connectivity.

  • Multiple IPv4/IPv6 Addresses.

  • FREE Standard DDOS Protection.

Why Scopehosts servers ?

ScopeHosts offers a comprehensive line-up of hybrid dedicated Streaming Servers in Netherlands ; from basic entry level to latest high performance servers across various price points.All Dedicated servers are connected to a high-speed, redundant network and backed with 24x7 support, pro-active server monitoring and 99.95% uptime SLA.

We do have state of the art infrastructure and a team of experienced IT professionals to help you in every aspect of server hosting, be it deployment, maintenance, or troubleshooting. To learn more, fill out our Contact Form You can also call us at +91-836-4254321 Or else just drop a mail at

The Bottom Line

If Streaming media technology is future, then that future has arrived now.

Provide video or audio to your audience by getting a reliable streaming host today.

Streaming media hosting is probably the most demanding kind of hosting. As a result, getting the right kind of hosting can take a lot of work.

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