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Way More Than Web Hosting

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Oct 22, 2017


Weak-kneed due to depleting online business? Make a wise decision choosing your web host, so as to exterminate the failure of your online business.

Web Hosts strives to furnish your online business with complete solution encompassing web hosting services, security measures, web designing service, SEO aid and more. Now web hosting companies are one-stop solution to all your online dilemma.

Scopehosts being one of the leading web hosts believe in sufficing your website and business needs completely by providing all the services inclusive of web hosting, website builder, web designing, domain registration and protection against online threats.

Want to know varied services by Web Hosts?

Here we present the services by web hosts to ease out the means to make your online identity stand out.

1. Web Hosting

Web hosting services by web hosts is the most vital service to get your business the web presence. Every web host offers highly configured hosting services apt to your requirements. Web hosting services opted by many webmasters are Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller hosting, Colocation hosting, Free Web hosting, Business hosting and more. Choose the most appropriate web hosting plans and services suiting your business needs.


2. Domain Registration

Along with providing web hosting services, web hosts offers domain registration benefaction. Having a unique domain name is most important to get identified digitally effortlessly. Scopehosts equips all the new entrants of web hosting industry to register their domain name easily. Free domain registration is provided by Scopehosts with shared hosting, managed wordpress hosting, business hosting and reseller hosting (T&C applied).

3. Website Builder

Many Web hosts offer website builder tools, so as to make their build a website they long for easily to boom their digital presence. Scopehosts offers Weebly, a drag and drop website builder . Craft a powerful and professional website for your business with weebly website builder.

4. Web Designing

To outshine digitally every online business needs a well-optimized website with hig responsiveness. A website with high responsiveness, best GUI and SEO-friendly makes your website ranked higher in the SERPs. Web hosts along with providing web hosting services, also offers web designing services to design a website you dreamt of and ensures to provide a responsive web site being SEO-friendly.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Web hosts do not just provide the web presence for a website, instead makes sure that your website gets the digital identity and ranked higher for certain keyword by the means of providing Search Engine Optimization service. Web hosts not only ensures the quality of content is high, right keywords are being targeted but also guarantees that the website is completely optimized with site design point of view. Few of the hosts go with link building campaigns as well.

6. Security Provisions

A web host is responsible to spruce up a barrier for your web presence against online attacks. A web host provides strong and varies means to ensure security of your online work like sitelock, ssl certificates, firewall protection and more. Many web hosts provide these security provisions for free to secure your website from attacks and online thefts. We the Scopehosts perceive the security aspect of your work, hence shields your online work by provisioning SSL Certificates, Email Security, DDOS Protection, Sitelock Protection, Firewall Protection, Cloudflare CDN and DNS services. Thus choose the best security provider web host for trouble-free protection of your data.

It is vital to not only opt the web host with reliable Web hosting services, also circumspect the various aspects, so as to make your online presence roar loudly.

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