Cookie Statement

Scopehosts Choose people who choose us for Better browsing experience. Our Cookie Statement makes the visitors activities deft and hasty. This cookie statement applies to (including the Scopehosts Client Area and all other Control panels and dashboards available under the domain), provide additional information relating to their activities, which will take over or supplement this Cookie Statement. For information about what types of personal information will be gathered when you visit the website, and how this information will be used on your computer, tablet and/or mobile telephone (a "device") in order to log information.

A Cookie is a tiny data file stored on visitors computer within web browser to make visitors search more user friendly by registering, among other data, users’ preferences, detect errors and or collect data for statistics. In general, when you visit the Scopehosts website, cookies will be placed on search device that helps Scopehosts to provide you with a good browsing experience outlined as part of our efforts to comply with recent legislation and to ensure that we are open, honest and clear about user privacy.

To be More Precise, Scopehosts website uses cookies for the following purposes:

Web Analytics.

Scopehosts website uses Google Analytics, Yahoo web analytics, Bing Web Analytics, and other web analytics services. Based on the device visitor use to navigate Scopehosts website, Easy web analytics tool place cookies. The cookies collects certain information, such as the date and time that a user visits the Scopehsots website, number of times the has been visited and backlinks to redirected to Most Web analytics collects Personally Identifiable Information, saved to have a direct conversation with visitor.

Functional Cookies.

Scopehosts website also places Website Navigating cookies on your device to save your previous usability settings. These cookies are record the Information about the choices you made and provide for enhanced, more personal features. For instance, these cookies can be used to remember the category/segment of your suitable products or to allow you to return to a previous page.

Social Media.

Social media can place cookies through the Scopehosts website to integrate social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. This allows you to switch on or off the cookie placements. Once switched on, You agree to place these cookies on your device by clicking on the social media buttons to activate them. These social media have their own privacy and cookie policies, which scopehosts does not control. We plead you to ready rules of various social media websites and their cookie management policy.


The Scopehosts website uses the advertising service Google Adwords and facebook Adwords. Both Google Adwords and facebook adwords place cookies on your device to serve ads based on your prior visits to the Scopehosts website.

There is no restrictions to place the cookies. You can switch off this by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. To make use of the full functionality of the Scopehosts website, We suggest you to take advantage of cookie statement and enjoy the visit.