A Prime, Stable, Scalable Connectivity Around the Globe.

ScopeHosts has presence in more than 19 datacenters around the globe. We operate on strategical locations covering Europe, USA and Asia large business growing countries.

We have access to one of the largest, state-of-the-art networks in the world. With multiple points of presence and many Internet Exchanges across the globe. Our network covers large bandwidth needs at a blazing speed and redundant connectivity for any workloads.

World map Shows Scopehosts Datacenters

Greenhouse - Naaldwijk (Netherlands):

Greenhouse Datacenters which have been built in accordance to TIER3 classifications. The datacenters are connected with multiple geographically separated fiber paths to our main network pops to preclude any interruptions.

Evoswitch (USA-WDC1):

EvoSwitch(WDC1) located in Manassas, VA near Washington DC. You can have direct access to LINX NoVA Internet Exchange through the local PoP. IXroom offers interconnection options with many networks including Internet Exchanges like LINX NoVA.

FIORD (Russia):

FIORD has total area of 16 thousand sq, TIER III+ Datacenter Network is based on Steady telecommunication Equipment and capable of maintaining 100G channels with total of 7.2bit/s per fiber pair which makes you to experience superior Accessibility and High Redundancy.

Telstra-SGCS2 (Singapore):

Telstra datacenter has fully redundant systems giving access to our global network. Have delivering capacity of 5Tbps with 55 PoPs with an Uptime guarantee of 99.9999%.

Download TestBin Files

LocationDatacenter100MB Test File1000MB Test File10000MB Test FileTest IP
NetherlandsNaaldwijk100 MB1000 MB10000 MB103.136.41.21
USAWDC1100 MB1000 MB10000 MB92.119.157.2
SingaporeSGCS2100 MB1000 MB10000 MB103.254.153.18
RussiaFIORD100 MB1000 MB10000 MB103.136.43.80