Jan 24th Migration of RUSSIA VPS Clients from HDD to SSD VPS

Dear Client,We would like to inform you that we will be discontinuing the HDD VPS Services and will be providing only SSD Powered Russia VPS Services on our new TIER ||| Datacenter in Moscow from 24th January 2017 . So, we are upgrading existing VPS clients from existing HDD to SSD powered VPS services on our New Server Nodes in Moscow.Our New ... Read More »

Dec 22nd Migration of Germany OpenVZ and XEN VPS's!

Dear Sir,Reason for Discontinuation of Germany Location Services:We would like to inform you that we will be discontinuing with Germany OpenVZ and XEN Services from January 2017 and all the existing VPS clients will be migrated to Netherlands OpenVZ and XEN Locations.Due to low demand in the market and closure of contract with existing datacenter ... Read More »

Sep 15th Change of Solusvm Control Panel Link

Dear Sir/Madam,We would like to inform all the VPS clients regarding the new Solusvm Control Panel Link. Below we have listed the new URL Of the Solusvm Control Panel. There will be no changes in login details. All clients can login with their old login details. there is any issue in ... Read More »

Aug 19th Migration of Netherlands VPS Clients from HDD to SSD VPS

Dear Clients, We would like to inform you that we will be discontinuing the HDD VPS Services and will be providing only SSD Powered VPS Services. So, we are upgrading existing clients from existing HDD to SSD VPS. Below we have provided our new Server Node Configuration on Netherlands location for OpenVZ and XEN Platform. All the present ... Read More »

Aug 16th Migration of Shared and Reseller hosting servers.

Dear Client,   Due to non availability of required resources in existing datacenter, we are forced transfer all our 15 Servers to new locality in same city of Amsterdam. Transfer process will last for 24-48 hours. Our supporting team will make sure the downtime is kept to minimum. We expect your cooperation and patience with us. Any ... Read More »

Jan 27th Migration Of Germany OpenVZ VPS`s

Dear Clients,All the clients using OpenVZ Unmanaged VPS Services on the Germany Hardware Node`s : DE01M, DE02M, DE03M are hear by informed, regarding the migration of their VPS services to new node. As the existing node has served its quota of 24months.ScopeHosts with its new policy introduced will be revising all the servers and hardwares ... Read More »

Dec 4th Service Migration: Nodes SolusVM(06x1Gbps)

Dear Client, All the clients located in the node: SolusVM(06x1Gbps) will be migrated to new node with high configuration server and RAID10 Partition Hard Drives. These new servers will be providing best of the performances and connectivity. The existing server is 2 years old and we want to make sure our all clients enjoy latest hardwares and ... Read More »

Nov 28th Migration Of All Shared And Reseller Hosting Servers

Dear Clients,We would like to update all our shared and reseller hosting clients. We will be discontinuing all our existing servers, which are mounted with SATA 2 RAID10 Hard Drives. All the servers with existing active clients will be migrated on New Dedicated Servers mounted with Samsung SSD 850 PRO  HDD`s on RAID10 Partition and Xeon E3 1271 ... Read More »

Jul 30th Immediate network Maintenanace

Dear Clients,We had some immediate network maintenance to be performed on our main nodes. Which resulted in downtime of our website and one of the shared hosting node.Cause:One of our core routers stopped working and we had to replace it with another one.  Solution:The issue will be deleted within an hour and the servers were back online and ... Read More »

Jun 22nd Hardware Issue: RU011G Node on High Risk

Dear Client,We would like to inform all our clients on RU011G Russia VPS Node which is presently found with high risk of hard drive failure. We will be migrating all the VPS clients hosted in this node, to the new node. All the clients will not be loosing any data or configurations of their vps. Everything will be migrated to new stable node and ... Read More »