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Posted in Webhosting Tips on Feb 11, 2018


WordPress is the most preferred Content Management System. According to a recent survey held on how popular is WordPress; indicates that WordPress holds around 50% to 60% of the global CMS market with nearly 500+ sites built on the top 10 millions of websites. Around 17 posts are being posted on the wordpress websites around the world every second. These are few aspects indicating the importance and utilization of WordPress across the globe.

To fulfil the WordPress users with better features the WordPress keeps releasing new versions with updated features. Recently WordPress released 4.9.3 version, but it was encountered that version 4.9.3 lacked in the auto-update. A bug was found in the 4.9.3 version which prevents the WordPress auto update process.

WordPress versions released in between the version 3.9 to version 4.9.2 possessed the auto-update process, keeping the wordpress websites error-free and protected. Later in the version 4.9.3, the wordpress developers used a new logic to cut down the usage of API calls, which is the source to check for updates very often. But due to human err, the fatal error was encountered within a few hours of its release. The very next day version 4.9.4 was released with the bugs fixed. Version 4.9.4 has the auto-update bug fixed.

Until and unless the WordPress users update their website with new version, the administrator has to manually update via the Wordpress admin panel.

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