Best Cloud based Backup solutions, considerations.

Posted in Technology Bites on Jun 09, 2016


Most of the Organisations plan for robust backup and data retention strategy. Where now Cloud provides much more better options for this. Here we will discuss about how Cloud based backup solutions takes place and what are the practices or considerations we need to know.

At initial phase First Plan out the Environment, Estimate the storage needs. Administrator need to label the major components required for backup. The Planning team should be aware of the consequences they may face on complete Cloud backup as data is migrated and Stored in cloud.

Consider some of the following points of Cloud based backup solutions:

* Decide the Volume of Data Backup to storage device  : Backing up complete data will not make any sense, Here Admin has to decide how much data is necessary to backup? how many data set of file servers are necessary to backup? Which Apps are data dependent? estimate the storage needs the you require to backup amount of data normally, As the Storage space is quite expensive on cloud platform.

* Plan out Best Data retention strategy : Data retention strategy is must while working on Cloud based backup solutions. Start with Short-term or long-term data retention strategies. long-term data backup needs good archiving strategy. Contact the Cloud partner to to suggest you the best Archive requirements based on type of data set to be retained. these data retention strategies are required for compliance purpose or to migrate the data to archive subsystems.

* Data duplication and compression : This is more critical step for the large environment where you deal with heavy amount of data. Create a single cloud-instance of the file and create pointers to the other instances. this allows you to manage further duplication.

* Data Archival procedure : This is an important part of cloud based backup solutions. Where Data retention and archive procedures are main to avoid data loss. all data will be migrated to Disk platform of cloud archive system without setting up any new time constraints for old data, Cloud-ready cold storage is best solution for Data Archiving, and Space for data archival is also important factor to consider. Best archiving procedure will use less cloud space.

Now Each organisation needs data backup and storage requirements to maintain compliance data sets. As Cloud based Backup solution is one of the Good Backup solution for any organisation. Cloud can provide various options for any backup requirements.

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