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  • Pros and Cons of Multi-cloud Computing

    Multi-Cloud Computing !!!

    Posted in Technology Bites on Feb 11, 2019

    Multi-cloud computing strategy - The most preferred choice among many enterprises to deliver application/service across multiple private/public cloud computing platforms.

  • Do we really need a license for eCommerce store? Answer is YES

    Business License for an eCommerce Store?

    Posted in Technology Bites on Feb 05, 2019

    Are you shifting your business from retail to eCommerce website? Not a bad idea. But make sure that you follow the rules before shifting your business. One most common rule is “Online Business License”

  • Microsoft Officially Announced to Support for OpenSSH

    Posted in Technology Bites on Jan 09, 2019

    Microsoft officially announced to support for OpenSSH by installing it on Windows Server 2019. In simple Microsoft agreed to give OpenSHH as a built-in Feature for Windows Server 2019.

  • WordPress 5.0, the latest version of WordPress - New Gutenberg WordPress Editor

    Gutenberg WordPress Editor

    Posted in Technology Bites on Jan 03, 2019

    Te new version of WordPress 5.0(Beta Version) “Gutenberg” will revolutionize the usage of WordPress. The people will prefer this editor because it is friendly and reliable.

  • Know the basic key differences with and vs

    Posted in Technology Bites on Nov 10, 2018

    If you are new to WordPress then you will be wondering what is the difference between and Actually both are two independent platforms. If you want to start building your website then you should know the difference between both these.