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CDN for WordPress Blog - Why its necessary?

Posted in Technology Bites on Jun 16, 2016


For any WordPress blog its necessary to have good speed. For Beginners it very difficult to understand, how to speedup the Blog? Whether CDN is necessary? What is CDN and Why its necessary for blog? Here we are now to clear all your uncertainties. In this Article let us concentrate on CDN and CDN for WordPress Blogs.

CDN for WordPress Blog :

It is a Network of geographically scattered server, Based on the User's Geographic location it delivers the cached content from website to users.

In details, When user visit your WordPress Blog, the link will redirect to web host servers where the content has been uploaded. All users on your website will be accessing the same server at a time. If website is getting huge traffic then there might be Overload on main server and chances to slow down loading the page and also for server crash. To Avoid such, CDN takes place. A network of servers which are dispersed world wide, where static content from your website is cached in all serves and can be retrieved anytime. Static content from your website includes Images, CSS files, JaveScripts, Flash and etc. So when the user visit the site the content will be retrieved from nearest server to his geographic location.

Users presence on main server will affect the load time, using CDN at different locations will help you to load the pages faster than user’s prospect. Main goal of CDN is to deliver the content faster to the users located at nearby locations.

Is CDN necessary for my WordPress Blog?

Yes, as Blogs have more traffic than main website, CDN will balance this traffic and speed up load time of every page. As per our experience about CDN, we have listed some of the benefits below.

  • Speed - The site loads Faster when CDN has been deployed.

  • Crash resistance - Complete traffic on main server leads to server crash. By Using CDN the load and traffic will be distributed over all CDN servers to load the pages faster and clear.

  • Boost Website Visibility - CDN is one of the way to improve user experience on website and yields to reduce Bounce rate. If site is quick enough and Faster load time increases the number of pageviews by each user.

  • Best SEO results - Any search engine will rank the website which has fast load time and will ranks high. Once you optimize your site, Experience the good search engine ranking with huge traffic, leads to website popularity.

  • Increase Concurrent users - Using CDN servers at business strategic locations will increase the visitors to access the website. This leads to high network backbone capacity.

  • Control of asset delivery - CDN has more control of asset delivery. Network load will be appreciated & results realtime load statistics, display active regions, Optimize capacity per customer, asset popularity, and etc. As these aspects are important, all logs will be disabled once the server source point is connected to the CDN.

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