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Cloud Security Challenges

Posted in Webhosting News on Jul 06, 2018


Protected data and accessing data from anywhere at anytime and from any device is only possible with cloud. That is why cloud is being adopted by many IT firms and other enterprises. Also it encompasses most beneficial traits specifically, high security, scalable resources, level of control with as-a-service options and more.

According to a online survey by Alert Logic, it was said that “9 out of 10 cybersecurity professionals confirm they are concerned about cloud security”. It was noted that the main three concerns with respect to the cloud security are protection against data loss and leakage, threats to data privacy and breaches of confidentiality, all up compared to 2017. Also the err in configuring cloud platform is one of the main root of depleting cloud security.

Major discoveries of Cloud Security Spotlight 2018

  1. Most highlighted security threats were noted as data loss and leakage, threats to data privacy, and breaches of confidentiality, up by 67%, 61% and 53% respectively compared to the previous year.

  2. As many of the enterprises are migrating to the cloud, the challenges of protecting the workload is increasing along with threat towards setting up of cloud security policies and cloud infrastructure security.

  3. Unauthorized access to the cloud because of the misconfiguration of cloud platform is the nightmare of every cloud security professional.

  4. More than half of the survey respondents said that public clouds are more prone to threats when compared on-premise environment.

To over come the cloud security changes the respondents of the survey said that data encryption and network encryption are the effective cloud security solution. We provide most secured cloud to protect your data furnished with high protected network with RAID 10 Controller and other security solutions specifically, 100% uptime SLA, high powered DDOS Protection and lot more. Get started with highly protected cloud to assure cent percent safety of your data.

Source : Biggest Cloud Security Challenges

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