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Content To Engage Customers

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Jun 11, 2018


Content is the king when it comes to marketing of your product or anything that relates to getting high engagement rate or even shares, likes on social media. Most of the businesses do share the posts on social media and other platforms for promoting their business by only concentrating on the images or videos, and share the posts without even thinking of the content and what results the good content can fetch for their business.

As a business owner you must have an effective content usage or marketing strategy to turbo-charge your business followers or engagement rate on social media.

According to a survey held on june 2017 it was reported that 22% of the world’s population use facebook, around 450 million accounts exist on linkedin and 93% of pinterest users use their account to make purchases, as a business owner you cannot afford to miss out to brand your business without a very good and apt content on social media.

Only the use of engaging content is not enough to convert the followers into customers, you need to also know how to share the useful content.

  • Identify your most popular blog and share it on social media accounts. You can know the most popular blog of yours using Google Analytics account of your website.

  • It is always better to ask your customers what content interests and excites them. Get your customer feedback. You can contact your customers for feedback via running survey on website, sending feedback request emails and contacting customers on social media directly.

  • Concentrate on social media posts and also try learning more on your social media followers. Know what are their likes and dislikes. Know what type of content interests them and try to produce the content that is actually loved by your customers.

  • Analyse your competitor’s content and what content they use on social media to attract their audience. Also you can learn from your competitor’s mistakes and produce better engaging post on social media or any other platform for that matter.

  • Analyse the past social media engagement and learn how you can improve the rate of customer engagement. Review your past social media posts behaviour and analyse the trend to boost up the customer engagement rate.

Analyse the afore mentioned factors and create the most agreeable or affable content to share on social media to boost your followers number. Share your best blogs to connect with your customers and communicate with customers to know what content will interest them the most.

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