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Custom Personalization to boost Sales

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Oct 29, 2017


Do you run an E-commerce site? Want to boost profits? Make sure to provide Customized Experience to your customers, as online shoppers seek for personalized experience before expending the pay on goods purchased.

According to a report on custom personalization, almost 96% of marketers believe that customized experience advances customer relationship. But many of the retailers fail to wrap up a better experience to their potential customers, losing their customers confidence in them.

Shoppers’ views regarding personalized experience are ubiquitous. Better experience of the customers leads to more sales and profit. Personalized recommendation based on the history of purchase most likely boosts the standard of your brand among the customers. Many of the customers willingly share the personal data for better experience and interminable notifications on the new updates.

Specialized Shop for Special Customer Experience

Best platform equals to presenting yourself in far better way. Accordingly go with the e-commerce platform that lets your business gets appeared the way customers are fulfilled.


Choose the best CMS platforms to put forth your products, services and features, and present options for product customization meeting customers’ expectations.

Choose ScopehostsWeb designing service for designing most responsive appearance of your online shop.

Let’s take a look on how e-commerce sites must work on customers’ retention and attracting new customers to the store.

Suggest “The Products You May Like”

Around 75 to 80% of the online shoppers’ are likely to go with the recommendation by the online store about the products they have already purchased. Opting the October CMS provides your online store best extensions which assists in recommending the customers’ better recommendations based on their purchase history.

Social Media Targeting

Around 85% of the orders of an online stores are derived from social media ads especially facebook. As social media is the most used platform for socially connecting, purchasing goods and more. Branding your business on social media drives handsome amount of sales.

Custom-tailored offers

Ideal Offer at Precise Time is the biggest masterstroke that every online store owner must follow. Also make sure to provide provision for customers to ask for special made custom design accor to their needs.

More personalization leads to more profit and sales. Personalized customer experience hold back the existing customers as well spellbinds the new signups to your online store. Be sure to present your store very dynamically to elevate your online store business.

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