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Digital Assistants

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Jun 27, 2018


Virtual or Digital Assistants are in the boom now. Digital assistants are also referred as virtual assistants, voice assistants and smart speakers. These digital assistants are the digital advancements invented to ease up human life. Digital Assistant is emerged in recent years. These digital assistants will very soon be incorporated even at homes.

Smart speaker is one of the most used digital invention. These smart speakers allows you to speak out whatever you want to query rather than traditionally typing the query. These smart speakers are used in mobile phones, computers, television and more.

Speech Recognition Technology has been around for a while, from 1952. And, in 1962, IBM company introduced “shoebox”, a machine which was capable of recognizing 16 English words. In early 1970’s the US defense department introduced “harpy”, significant invention with more efficient search approach. In 1980’s the speech recognition was turned to prediction. Later in 2000 the Google came up with the new revolution in voice recognition technology, the Google Voice Search App for iPhones. In 2013, Microsoft came up with Cortana and in 2014 Amazon introduced Alexa and Echo, major milestones of voice recognition technology.

In 2018, it was estimated that 30 millions of Google Home and Echo voice speakers of Amazon are being used in USA. Also AI voice speakers are becoming the boom in 2018.

Know the Most Used Digital Assistants in 2018

The most prferred digital assistants are,

1. Cortana

2. Alexa

3. Google Assistant on Google Home

4. Google Assistant on a Smart phone

5. Siri

Google Assistants has highest percentage answered correctly and completely. Cortana has the second highest percentage of questions answered correctly and Alexa has increased the percentage of answering the questions appropriately by answering 2.7 times more questions than the previous year.

It is predicted that by 2020, about one third of the search engine searches will be without a screen. Many smart phone users are switching to voice search option as it is more convenient. The SEO analysts will then have to put in more efforts to craft verbally helpful SEO techniques along with written keyword strategies.

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