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Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Posted in Technology Bites on Jan 03, 2019


Have you heard about this editor before?


Then what is exactly Gutenberg!

Yes, No more excitements now :) Lets make you clear about this Gutenberg


Gutenberg - The most awaited version of WordPress.

Finally the core developers of CMS(content management system) took enough time to test the platform before releasing into the market. WordPress 5.0, the latest version of WordPress, is most probably the biggest update that has been ever made to the CMS platform. Along with significant fixes and improvement, the new editor of WordPress 5.0 is launched and that is called Gutenberg.


Gutenberg is not just an editor but it is more than an editor. It will simplify your designing. You can create the imagined layout easily with the new WordPress 5.0 editor faster and creatively.

After the launch of this new version, WordPress will look completely different. This new editor is known for block editor where you can edit the blocks such as image, headings, paragraphs, and more. You can place them easily and edit them efficiently. The Gutenberg editor breaks the typical layout design and allows you to create innovative layouts with multimedia-rich layouts


With the above image, you can feel “how simplified this editor is”.

The best features in Gutenberg

  1. With fewer plugins do more
  2. Create rich, effective, modern, heavy layouts easily
  3. Parallel Optimisation option for all screen sizes and devices
  4. Editing Live website with the editor


You can optimize your cover image and once you type the text, you will get the option to bold, italic, strikethrough, linking.

There are many blocks available with Gutenberg editor and based on your usage, you will get mostly used section with your editor


You can search for the block also. The default blocks in the Gutenberg editor are as follows

This new version of WordPress “Gutenberg” will revolutionize the usage of WordPress. The people will prefer this editor because it is friendly and reliable. In case you are not sure about this new version and want to test it on the live site then you can visit here. You can experience the real-time usage of the editor and if you are comfortable then you can install it.

Are you facing any issue? Contact us Anytime!!!

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