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Get Started With Blogging

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Feb 01, 2018


Desire to start with a blog for your website? Starting up with blogging is one of the ideal ways to expand your business establishment by developing better relation with existing and potential customers, creating an opportunity for your clientele to share your blog with others and consistent blogging with fresh content inclusive of high density keyword will boost the prominence of your business website on search engine result page.

Just getting started with blog does not make you achieve these above mentioned key goals, you need to consider certain aspects like the topic of your blog article, selecting a good platform to create your blog and completely optimizing the blog content will ensure the fulfillment of your business goals by affecting the visibility of your website.

Want to know the key traits to step up to blogging? Learn to Blog

  • Take the first step to lay the strong foundation of your blog by choosing the most appropriate platform. There are varied platforms to start with a blog like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Blogger, Joomla and more. But the most preferred blogging platform is the WordPress. Make sure to register a unique name for your business with domain registrars like Scopehosts. Scopehosts also proffers feature-packed Managed WordPress Hosting and eases the process to set up a blog for your website.

  • Having a blog for your business website is one of the best way to extend the functionalities of website and boost website ranking by driving traffic to website. Making the Search Engines to Find, Index and Rank your blog is the vital responsibility. As SEO is the mainstay to have a greater establishment of online business, carrying out SEO techniques both On-Site and Off-Site is inevitable.

  • Content Organization is one of the aspect to be taked care of before posting your blog article. Structuring blog article content inclusive of main keywords has to done more carefully. Including the main keywords relative to your blog article is important. You can use certain free keyword search tools, Google Keyword Research tool, Moz’s Keyword Research tool and more. Structuring the blog article content also includes the proper use of heading tags and maintenance of heading tag hierarchy through out the article. URL of your blog article must be well formed to indicate precisely what the article is all about.

  • Blog articles must be made very easy to read by the use of bullets and headers. Use of these bullets and headers simplifies the reading of the content written. Inclusion of Social Media Sharing buttons in the blog carves a path for easy sharing of blog on social media platform. Also inclusion of images, gifs and videos in the blog article will be an added advantage to promote the blog article and addition of these make blog visually appealing and interests the readers.

  • After the blog article is well written and optimized by making use of SEO techniques, the only task left is the posting and promotion of blog article. Post the article in your website blog and share the article on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus and more. Sharing of your blog on social media is the best way to promote your business.

  • Do not sit back after publishing blog article, put your best foot forward to analyse your effort of creating blog and posting it for boosting brand awareness. Analyse how much traffic your blog received, number of readers and more.

Now you know how to get strated with blogging and what value does a blog adds to website and brand awareness. So what are you waiting for? Step into Blogging Now!!!

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