Managed Wordpress Hosting - Guide to Become Pro

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Dec 26, 2017


If you are a complete beginner to WordPress, you’ve probably wondered what do all those Managed WordPress Hosting plans mean, why they are pricier than your regular hosting and whether or not that’s something you need.

This article will explain what Managed WordPress hosting is, as well as it’s pros and cons, so that you can decide for yourself whether it is something you will benefit from.

With managed hosting all the maintenance responsibility for the server lies with the hosting company. Providers offer additional services in managed packages such as installing updates, monitoring performance, providing security and malware removal, back-ups, customer support and many others. Managed server already comes with an operating system and all the necessary software. In the case of WordPress Hosting, the server would already have WordPress installed and it’s been specifically tweaked to run WordPress ensuring fast and reliable performance. Web host covers the technical side of things, saving you time and allowing instead to focus on creating quality content or running your business. Not to mention, having a team of experts answer any questions you have and deal with any issues that may arise is tremendously useful.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages Managed WordPress Hosting gives.

Performance and Speed :

As mentioned previously, the server itself will be tuned to work perfectly with the WordPress software package. Which means most of the common issues you might encounter if you were to install everything yourself are eliminated. Your website will be guaranteed to work fast, really fast and run as smoothly as possible.

Security :

Having spent months or maybe even years building your website and reputation on the Internet, only to have it all be thrown out the window is not a scenario anybody wants to end up in. Keeping hackers at bay will be the responsibility of the web hosting company making it highly improbable your website and server will be compromised by attackers. A good web host will perform frequent security sweeps identifying hackers or malware that creep up on your website and swiftly removing any threats and protect you from the dreaded DDoS attacks.

Automatic Updates :

You won’t have to bother making sure each of your software packages is up to date and then having to manually install the updates yourself. Web hosting company will take care of it for you by automating the process.

Automated Back-ups :

Back-ups are usually done daily, so even if worse comes to worst you won’t lose any of your data. When choosing a managed WordPress hosting, make sure the provider keeps the back-ups on a separate server, since if the server goes down you also lose any of your restore points. Secondly, ask if they offer a back-up not only of your website configuration, but the database too, as it’s in the database where all of the website’s content is stored.

Customer Support :

This may be one of the most important perks of managed hosting, especially if you are a beginner and not a tech savvy person. You will have an access to support from experts who specialize in WordPress. They will be able to help out and consult you for example on plugins that might affect website’s performance.

Now that we’ve covered the many benefits of managed WordPress hosting, let’s move on to the downsides.

Price :

All of those great advantages, don’t come cheap. Especially, if you’re comparing it to a basic shared hosting plan. But taking into consideration that otherwise you’d likely spend a lot of time just trying to run your website instead of promoting it, the price seems well worth it.

Flexibility :

Since the server has been configured to run WordPress specifically, you won’t be able to do much else on it. But then again, that’s what you were after. Another thing to keep in mind is that a web host might block certain plugins from being installed if they slow down a website.

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Knowing all the pros and cons of Managed WordPress Hosting, you can now make an educated decision about whether or not it’s something that you need.

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