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Multi-Cloud Computing !!!

Posted in Technology Bites on Feb 11, 2019


What exactly mean by Multi Cloud ?

Who all will go for Multi Cloud computing ?

Advantages and disadvantages of multi cloud ?

Is Multi cloud will be next major step in Cloud Computing ?

UFF...... All these queries popping your mind after knowing the article title right, No worries we will resolve all your queries today, Start reading our article and get complete idea about Multi-cloud Computing.

Multi-Cloud Computing ?

Use of two or more Cloud computing Services from multiple cloud service providers to power their business applications. To achieve enterprise end goals multi cloud computing strategy can be comprised of public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Arise of Multi-cloud

The Multi-cloud pattern arose when enterprises tried to avoid dependence on a single public cloud computing service provider, when they choose specific services from each public cloud to get the best of each, or when they wanted both benefits.

Advantages of Multi-cloud

  1. This kind of could computing gives enterprises more flexibility and potentiality for deployment and rapid innovation.
  2. Best solution for developers who are looking for platforms that meet specific needs with individual application suites.
  3. Meet the unique requirements of a business by allowing running of workload through an application where it can deliver the best performance and in a cost-effective manner.
  4. Multi-cloud allows you have to a separate, independent replica of your application on another cloud provider’s infrastructure that you can deploy in the case that one vendor goes down.
  5. (Less vendor dependency)Depending on one service provider for anything is a risky proposition.


Disadvantages of Multi-cloud

  1. Primary drawback of implementing a multi-cloud environment is the increased burden on development teams
  2. Securing your application becomes more challenging when you involve multiple cloud providers.
  3. Workload or application management in multi-cloud computing can be a challenge, as information moves from one cloud platform to another.
  4. Require an IT staff to have multiple kinds of cloud platform or provider expertise.

How Scopehosts can help you with Multi-cloud computing ?

There’s no doubt that one can benefit from using multi-cloud computing.

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