Need of an SSL certificates for a website in 2019

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Google, the World’s most used and trusted Search Engine tool made an announcement on 06/08/2014 with respect to usage of SSL. Having SSL certificate for a website can increase ranking position of a site.

Search engines like Google are very keen on providing positive and safe browsing experience to all the web users. In 2018, Google chrome released a security update which alerted all website visitors to secure there personal and valuable information from the websites which don’t have SSL certificate.


SSL- The standard acronym for Secure Socket Layer, which establish a secured and encrypted connection between the web browser and the web server.

SSL certificate - The digitally signed file issue for a Domain / Domain names, as follows certificate have issuer sign, date of expiry date, serial number of the certificate and more.

HTTPS - HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, an encryption method indicated in the web browser with Green address bar with a padlock symbol.


HTTPS is a combination of Http and SSL certificate, which establish a secure connection between browser and server.

Need of SSL certificate for a website

1. Encrypt sensitive data with SSL

  • Encrypt the sensitive information like login details, signups, addresses, credentials and credit payment details or personal information to unreadable format except to the person you’re forwarding.
  • Secure your website from 3rd party hacking methods. Have a To and Fro safe, secure connection with SSL certificates.

2. Promotes customer confidence and trust

  • Google chrome displays your site with a security padlock in the address bar of the browser with a green in color.
  • This showcase your visitors whether your site is SAFE / UNSAFE.
  • SSL improves the trust flow of your visitors and helps in increasing conversion rates significantly.

3. Make a way to SEO rankings

  • Improve your site’s SEO rankings by installing SSL certificate. As stated in the beginning of our article HTTPS acts as one of the ranking factor - Statement by Google.

4. SLL shark guards against Phish

  • SSL certificates are one of the best and most suggested ways to secure your websites from phishing. This lets your visitors know your site is authenticated and original.

5. Secure all your Subdomains

  • Wildcard SSL certificate let you to secure your main website with all its subdomains at a stretch. This kind of SSL certificate is useful for the owners who maintain large websites with multiple domains .

6. Safe Shopping experience

  • Visitors/Clients don’t dare to enter credit card details over a website with HTTP. Its mandatory for E-commerce sites to comply there site with SSL certificates.

  • Visitors find your website trustworthy and experience secure shopping through HTTPS site

How to obtain an SSL certificates

Check with the current hosting provider for getting SSL certificates to your website, however most of the companies like Scopehosts offering FREE SSL Certificates with Web hosting services. Once the SSL installation is completed, you can securely access your service via HTTPS or any other SSL protocols like FTPS, IMAPS, POP3S, SMTPS, NNTPS, LDAPS, etc.


Hope now you’re ready to reap the benefits of an SSL certificate to your website. Let’s talk in the comment section - If you have any queries about how to use SSL or what type of SSL to be used for your website

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