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Plugins to Boost WordPress Security

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Jun 01, 2018


WordPress is the most preferred content management system due to its open source nature. WordPress platform provides versatility and ease of use to its users. WordPress has now become the best and most used solution to create websites from E-commerce websites to professional or business websites.WordPress allows its users to use varied themes to build most appealing websites. The popularity of wordpress makes it vulnerable to online attacks and security issues.

According to the Website Hacked Report 2016 – Q1 it was noted that out of 11k+ infected websites 75% of the websites were based on wordpress platform. Make sure to keep wordpress plugins up-to-date to keep your website away from online security threats.

Here we present you with best wordpress security plugins to secure your website.

  • All In One WP Security

The All In One WP Security plugin ensures maximum security to your wordpress website by monitoring your website and recommends the latest WP security techniques. This security plugin if Free and does not slow down your website performance. The All In One security plufgin is capable of blacklisting the users based on the IP address. All In One Security and Firewall plugin can completely protect your website against bruteforce attacks.

  • iThemes Security

iThemes security plugin involves thorough monitoring of your wordpress website very easier and hurdle-free process in a single click. iThemes security plugin comes in both free and pro(or premium) version. This plugin will provide the WP users protection against brute force attack and recommends the WP users to use very passwords.

  • Wordfence

Wordfence security plugin regularly kepps on checking your WP website for malware attacks or infections. Wordfence is equipped with Web Application Firewall to identify malign traffic from reaching the website. Wordfence phugin is available in both Free and Premium versions. The premium version has few advanced security settings for completely protecting WP website from malware attacks.

  • BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security plugin is furnished with easy installation process. This plugin comes with firewall that acts as security barrier against malicious attacks for approx 1 lakh websites. BulletProof Security adds database security, firewall security and more for ensuring max secuirty of your website.

  • Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is available for free to all the WP users. Sucuri security plugin includes varied security traits such as malware scanning, website firewall, security hardening, security activity auditing and more. Sucuri security protects your WP website from DDOS attacks, Bruteforce attacks and other online attacks. It is one of the best wordpress security plugin.

The above mentioned are the few and the best security plugins for wordpress to secure your wordpress site or blog safe and sound from online attacks or malicious attacks.

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