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Search Engine Optimization – Know It All

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Nov 06, 2017


Search Engine Optimization, an ideal method of digital marketing is a brand level booster. We are back with our next article on vast SEO techniques.

In our last post on Search Engine Optimization, you perceived the meaning of SEO, it’s importance and as well the types of SEO, i.e White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO.

Now get ready to grasp one of the types of SEO techniques and how this techniques must be executed to secure higher web presence for your website and arouse digitally with improved business sales.

Two types of SEO techniques used to make your website SEO-friendly and summon backlinks to your website are,

1.On-Page SEO

2.Off-Page SEO

In this article let us know different techniques of On-Page SEO techniques only

Let’s get started

  • Primarily know what is the meaning of On-Page SEO techniques.

On-Page SEO affects the position of the website in search engine result pages, that is, these techniques affects the organic results via making changes in the technicalities of a web page. Thus On-Page SEO is as well termed as On-Site SEO techniques.

Savvy the crucial On-Page SEO techniques

  • Keyword Rich Page Title is the important factor which indicates about what a web page is all about. It is the essence of what a web page is.

  • Meta tags is the best way to quote all the important keywords to be targeted in form of meta tags. Make sure that tha keywords set is inclusive of Primary keywords, LSI keywords and Long-Tail keywords.

  • Meta Description is the brief summary of a web page inclusive of targeted keywords displayed when your web page is listed in the search engine result page. This description should of 155 to 160 characters.

  • Search Engine Friendly URL Structure must be maintained with incorporation of keywords, as URL with keywords perform better in the search engine results. Also short URLs with proper pronounced words aid to get higher ranking. Use of special char like hyphen is better instead of spaces in the URL.

  • Web Pages inclusive of Internal Links is the best move to improve the navigation through out the website. Content links and Keyword linking is the ideal way to uplift the internal linking structure through out the website.

  • Addition of Alt text and Title tag for every image used in the web page to deviate from the unbroken use of content round the web page. Title tag is displayed when you hover on the image to know what the image stands for. Alternate text or Alt text is displayed when the image is not visible.

  • Maintaining Keyword Density for a whole web page is the prime task. Keyword Density stands for the ratio of keywords used to the total words that constitute the content of the web page. Ideally the keyword density must range between 1 to 3%. Use of main targeted keywords is important, also make a note that excessive use of keywords leads to keyword stuffing, one of the Black Hat SEO techniques. Use of this technique might get your website banned form search engines as well.

  • Meta Robots tag must be used to instruct the bots either to crawl or not the website pages.

  • RelevantImage File Name must be used.

  • Every platform supportive Image File Type must be used. .jpp is the most SEO favorable image file type. Try to use .jpg files maximum.

  • Make sure to Resize the Images well, so as to reduce web page loading time.

  • Use of OG title(Max 95 Chars), OG description(Max 297 Chars) and OG Image is important to have best effect of your brand on Social Media Sies.

  • Breadcrumb is the best way a site visitor can know the parent page of the current page he is viewing. Breadcrumb is the easy way of navigation through out a website.

  • XML Sitemap defines the structure of the website, displaying the web pages to ease out the indexing by web crawlers. XML sitemap is for cralwers as bots can understand XML format. HTML sitemap is for the human site visitor to know the structure of site. A sitemap can hold maximum of 50K URLs.

  • Proper use of Heading Tags within a web page must br maintained. More than one H1 tag can be used within a web page but not in the same section. Most important to be targeted keyword must be used with H1 tag. Over use of H1 tag is not SEO favorable.

Now you know the crucial On-Page SEO tricks to achieve higher Search Engine Ranking. In our next article you can know backlinks fetching tricks, i.e, Off-Page SEO techniques to boost website traffic as well web site's web presence booster.

Stay tuned with us to know the updates on latest techniques of SEO.

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