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Must have SEO Chrome Extensions

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Aug 28, 2019


Google Chrome is with 70% of the Desktop market share and it is one of the finest browsers around the globe. But did you know - Google chrome also incredible for Digital marketers.

The Google Chrome web store filled with the most useful and varied extension tools that help you browse safely, smartly, and more productively with a mouse single click.

We've broken them down into 3 different categories

Chrome Extensions for SEO

1. MozBar

Active Users: 546+ Thousand


The perfect extension for SEO’ers, it makes simple for all the folks who are new to SEO & Digital Marketing. Get instant insights about numerous websites without leaving your browser.

This tool not only showcases you how each website page is performing, but will also be able to see SERP analysis, SPAM scores, link metrics, SEO statistics, custom keyword searches, and more.

2. SEOQuake

Daily Active Users: 22,915+


This tool might be a stockpot for people who care about SEO a bit. SEO Quake is one of the finest tools to get a quick, comprehensive look at any webpage.

SEOquake bar helps you to find yours and competitor’s SERP statuses, major SEO metrics, keyword difficulty levels, internal and external links. It can even highlight nofollow links, text density on a page. Furthermore, this tool includes a check for mobile compatibility even.

3. Check My Links

Active Users: 177+ thousand


A must-have tool for all savvy content marketers and most used extension for refurbishing old content or while editing content.

Name itself describes what it does - It scans all website pages and shows you which links are working properly and which are broken. You can even Scan Your Blog Posts for Broken Links.

4. Google PageSpeed Insights


Analyze the performance of your web pages with the “PageSpeed Insights score”. This extension analyzes your website in terms of quality score and gets you all necessary tips to push it in the right way.

According to the latest update, if a web page loads more than 5 seconds - it may lead to drop maximum conversions. A small drop in speed can affect your company’s earnings, therefore website optimization must be needed.

SMM - Social Media Marketing

5. Buffer


Most used extension of scheduling and syndicating social media posts developed by Buffer social media management platform.

Buffer chrome extension helps you to easily share social media posts, manage the day to day scheduling posts for a specific time and follow up with analytics to track which posts had the best performance. You can even share web content to multiple social media accounts at once.

6. HashSet


HashSet is the must-have tool for social media marketers. It automatically tests the quality of the hashtags you’re considering in real-time. It even shows real-time color code to your results like this

7. BuzzSumo

Users: 20 thousand


Get active insights into your content. This extension show metrics such as the number of social shares and backlinks to a piece, get a picture view of the performance and engagement of your content.

Chrome Extensions for Blogging/content marketing

8. Grammarly

Users: 10+ million


Grammarly Chrome extension is not just for writers and editors, it can help any marketer. Use this extension and say goodbye to bad English

One of the best and most used extensions for correcting spelling and grammar errors of blogs, documents, and emails. Grammarly Chrome extension reviews your writing for over 250 different types of errors.

9. Google Dictionary

Users: 4.6 million


Have you come across unrecognized words while doing research online? For this issue, we have listed the Google dictionary extension in our article. Instead of opening a different tab quickly type the word and click on the extension to get the meaning.

Note: To add Google Dictionary extensions on chrome browser, your chrome browser must be above version 4.0.

10. Email Hunter

Free – 150 requests/mo.

Powerful extension for effective email marketing campaigns, One-click tool to find emails on a site.

Did you just landed on a blog/website, searching for a contact email address..? Stop doing all these tasks(looking for contacts) which wastes your time. Email hunter extension will do that for you, and find different emails already available on the site.

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