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Awesome Features with Cloud Server

DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection

Extremely Reliable Security is provided against DDOS attacks.

Easily Accessible Cloud VPS

Fast And Simple

Your High Configured Cloud Server will be fast and simple to use.

Guaranteed Hosting SLA

1000% SLA

Eliminating downtime on Hardware failure, continue uninterrupted.

Netherlands, Germany, USA, Singapore Locations

Locations Choice

Select Netherlands, Germany, USA and Singapore as a base!

Choose Your Suitable Cloud Hosting Package and Scale Up As Per Required.

Plan Name CPU Cores VRAM SAS Traffic Network IPv4 Price
CLD1G1vCPU(Core)1 GB(DDR3 ) 40 GB 4 TB 1Gbps 1 € 7.99 /month.ORDER NOW
CLD2G2vCPU(Cores)2 GB(DDR3 ) 60 GB 6 TB 1Gbps 1 € 13.99 /month.ORDER NOW
CLD4G4vCPU(Cores)4 GB(DDR3 ) 80 GB 8 TB 1Gbps 1 € 23.99 /month.ORDER NOW
CLD8G8vCPU(Cores)8 GB(DDR3 ) 160 GB 10 TB 1Gbps 1 € 45.99 /month.ORDER NOW
CLD16G16vCPU(Cores)16 GB(DDR3 ) 160 GB 10 TB 1Gbps 1 € 89.99 /month.ORDER NOW


*Offer valid for onetime on monthly billing cycle. Offer not valid for other billing cycles.

FREE Migration is available only in case you subscribe to any above Cloud VPS Package with Premium Control Panels.

Cloud VPS

Flexible, Your Bare Metal Alternative - Cloud VPS

ScopeHosts, the Best Cloud Hosting Provider, offers Cloud VPS as a IaaS & PaaS services to small and medium Scaled Enterprises.

We have designed Cloud VPS for complete Reliability. We understand downtime costs money, all Virtual Servers have auto restore ability in case of any hardware failure, giving 1000% Uptime SLA and Data Security.

Choose ScopeHosts Cloud VPS and immediately you see the difference with our cloud solutions. Experience High-Performance on Hybrid Technology Platform with blazing fast Pure SSD`s helping website pages loads up to 300% faster than mechanical drives.

We provide full-fledged Cloud environment with latest technology to develop any projects. Choose the scalable cloud hosting plans for managing your work online.

SAS Based Cloud Hosting for Your specific Business Needs.

ScopeHosts Cloud VPS Hosting lets you concentrate on Business Development and we will be your Backbone to fixing things.

  • Quick Start Cloud.
  • Enterprise Quality Hardwares.
  • World-Class TIER III+ Datacenters.
  • 24/7/365 Expert Support Based in India/UK.
  • High Powered DDOS Protection.

You are One-click away to manage your Cloud VPS!!

World-class Cloud Solutions based on a world-class platform and features.

SAS Space

We have SAS 15k connected to Public Cloud VPS with SSD Caching gives extra boost to your website efficiency.

Lightning Fast Network
Lightning Fast Network

Our each public Cloud Server platform is connected with high network volume of 1Gbps Network Connection.

Leading-Brand Hardware enabled cloud server
Leading-Brand Hardware

All Latest Intel Xeon Servers with Hyperthreading Enabled to proffer cent percent high performance.

100% Uptime
100% Uptime

Agitated with downtime? At Scopehosts we provide 100% uptime to keep your sites available 24/7 without hiccups.

Easy Scalable Cloud VPS
Easy Scalable

Existing resources are exhuasted? upgrade cloud server resources at anytime with no downtime encountered.

24/7 Award Winning Support
24/7 Award Winning Support

Highly experienced web hosting experts are available 24/7 to resolve any queries quickly with valid solutions.

  • Washington D.C, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Telstra, Singapore
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