High Performance Dedicated Servers

Get Raw Power of Bare Metal Servers Without Virtualization

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting - Done With Shared And Want to Own Server!

Our dedicated servers gives you ultimate power, security and control. With own server in hand, no more nagging neighbours disrupting your website performance. Get total access over the server resources and power needed to boost your business or websites.

Well ScopeHosts makes it easy for you to target your local traffic or customers, with choice of servers location. We operate in world-class datacenters located in strategical high business growth areas, providing best-in-class Security, Reliability and Powerful Network Connectivity. We have servers in Netherlands, USA, Germany and Russia.

Boost Your Business with Tuned Dedicated Servers For Ultimate Performance!!

Experience the difference in website performance with our Powerful RAW Bare Metal Servers.


Affordable and Cheap USA Servers located in TIER III+ Datacenter on 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps Volume Network Lines.

STARTING FROM € 55.99 /month

  • Latest Intel E3, E5 Processors
  • Enterprise SATAII/SSD/SAS Drives
  • Robust Network Connectivity
  • Multiple IPv4/IPv6 Addresses
  • FREE Standard DDOS Protection


We operate in World Class Datacenter at Amsterdam is EcoFriendly. We have more than 100Gbps+ Global Access Network.

STARTING FROM € 55.99 /month

  • Latest Intel E3, E5 Processors
  • Enterprise SATAII/SSD/SAS Drives
  • Robust Network Connectivity
  • Multiple IPv4/IPv6 Addresses
  • FREE Standard DDOS Protection


Our Germany Dedicated Servers are located in one of the Germany largest TIER III Datacenter "Telehouse".

STARTING FROM € 55.99 /month

  • Latest Intel E3, E5 Processors
  • Enterprise SATAII/SSD/SAS Drives
  • Robust Network Connectivity
  • Multiple IPv4/IPv6 Addresses
  • FREE Standard DDOS Protection


Offshore Russian Servers has Hybrid Technology & Infrastructure. Host any kind of Intensive websites and applications.

STARTING FROM € 94.6 /month

  • Latest Intel E3, E5 Processors
  • Enterprise SATAII/SSD/SAS Drives
  • Robust Network Connectivity
  • Multiple IPv4/IPv6 Addresses
  • FREE Standard DDOS Protection

Dedicated Server Hosting, Customized As Per Your Needs

We have custom designed server architectures based on your intensive applications and workloads requirements.
From Server, Network, Storage Configuration, RAM and Monitoring, up-to extended priority Support 24/7, we`ll make sure cover everything your business needs. Discover What Features makes our Servers the Best Performing Hosting Servers.

Upgrade Network Connectivity
Custom Switches

Upgrade network connectivity anytime without or with minimal disruption.

Hardware Firewall

We have hardware firewalls available to secure your network from unauthorized use.

DDOS Protection
DDOS Mitigation

Filter malicious traffic with our DDOS protection and keep your business online.

Latest Technology Enabled Servers

We choose latest Intel Xeon E3, E5 v2, v3, v5 Servers make sure your workloads run faster.

24/7 Hosting Support
24/7 Priority Support

Choose our Priority Support SLA Packages to get instant support on any server issues.

Secure Servers
Security And Control

We help you in protecting your business and you will have total control over the server.

See Why Customers SCOPEHOSTS!!

Online Server setup

Rapid Delivery System

Our dedicated server delivery system is swift and get the server online fast with standard server configuration options.

Customize dedicated server

Customized Solution

We can change server resources anytime,based on your demanding workloads. Customize Architects of storage, networking and RAM.

FAQ - Have Questions? We Got Answers For You!

Ans: Dedicated Server Hosting is simple way of leasing a Physical Server, were you will hold complete control over the server and can store your data without needing any intervention from us.

Ans: Dedicated Server Hosting is needed when you want to outgrow your competition. Having moderate business or data driven websites with good traffic, VPS/Shared Server not performing as for your expectations. Immediately you need to plan your upgrade for Dedicated Server Hosting.

Ans: Dedicated Hosting provides complete control over the server; you`ll need have knowledge on maintaining and manage everything that you host on server. Our support team is available 24/7 for any assistance you need, but you need to have technical proficiency before investing on unmanaged dedicated server.

Ans: Standard setup time for our servers is 1 to 5 business days based on the configurations, because we purchase new equipment to deploy you with latest technology enabled servers.

Ans: Yes, we can customize any server configuration. The predefined examples we list are designed to meet the most common needs, we understand that they may not be the perfect fit for everyone. So do contact us to speak with a consultant and get started with customized hosting solution.

Ans: We have 4 Strategically located, Automated, and Redundant Datacenters. We operate in Netherlands, Germany, USA, Russia.

Ans: We are in colocation with our datacenters, which has a great benefits within itself such as high security, high volume network connectivity, sustainability and more. As we operate in 4 different locations, our customers get different option to choose from as per their needs. We are different, because we care about our long-term relationship with our customers no matter how big or small, or what services they have.

Ans: Yes, this can be a very lucrative business. You are welcome to install whatever you like on the server as long as it meets our terms of use. You may sell space on your server to different people who want to host their websites but do not need their own dedicated server.

Ans: Dedicated servers are housed in special areas of our data centers. We do not allow any physical access to dedicated servers. Only authorized personnel are allowed access to dedicated server environments.

Ans: Every server comes with certain fixed amount of bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth is denoted in the product description area for the server. Additional bandwidth is available for purchase during the order process, or you can contact sales for a customized quote. Also you can drop a mail at .

Ans: Your server is set up with either a standard dedicated 10Gbps, 1Gbps or 100Mbps port. The service description indicates the port speed at which your server is connected to its network switch port, and upgrades are available where applicable.

Ans: It totally depends on the current offers running. If the offer is ONETIME, then first month amount will be discounted only. If the offer is for LIFETIME, then you can avail recurring discounts.

Ans: You will be solely responsible for the Server's security. If in case, you are unable to manage the server, we do provide Server Management service as addon.

Ans: Our average ticket response time is under 30 minutes, however in few cases the response time will differ based on the issue. Our team constantly strives to give better support.

Ans: Scopehosts has a STRONG anti-spam policy and applies it. Spammers are NOT welcomed. This includes spamming through open proxy servers or any other kind of unsolicited email advertising. If a customer is found to be in violation of our SPAM policy, Scopehosts may, at its sole discretion, restrict, suspend or terminate the customer's account. For more specific answer please visit our legal documents page.

Ans: You just have to raise a cancellation request from client area portal. The service will then be suspended when it expires, and then deleted (inclusive of all the data the server contained will be erased) within 24 hours. Please note, once the service has been suspended, the data of the server cannot be restored. Also you cannot ask for refund as we do not provide moneyback guarantee with dedicated hosting service.