Protecting Server from DDOS.

Posted in Technology Bites on Mar 10, 2015


Scopehosts Mainly concentrates on security aspects to be provided to the Clients. Protection against the DDos Attacks has been recently added to this Framework. We have detailed picture of protection against DDos Attacks in this post. Hope all our clients and visitors will be more Happy about it now.

Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attack : 

Its an Unauthorized Access to the Network or Machine Resources to its main users. These attacks make the current running services to halt and end temporarily, which are connected to the internet directly.


These DDOS attacks will be received from two or more people,and in 2014 the frequency is reached to an average rate of 28 per hour. The High profiled Web Services or Websites are the main objective for the DDOS attackers, which will cause the Website or Web service unavailable for certain period of time or permanently.  It was seen mostly on Server which is Completely used for games, E-commerce, Online media or news sites, and ect. .

CloudFlare DDOS Protection : 

Cloudflare is a US-based company comes with content delivery network and distributed DNS system  which acts as a reverse proxy for websites and web services, lies between visitors and Cloudflare user's hosting providers.It helps to speed up, secures, and boost up the website availability for a longer time when the network in threatened by DDoS attacks.

Scopehosts provides the best solutions for the  DDoS Attacks. Most of the clients refereed to accept the CloudFlare  DDoS Protection to secure their Hosting services.

We can optimize the VPS with best of the software based DDOS protection available, along with that we can add protection against malware/trojan attacks and many more protections can be done. Software based ddos protection has certain limitation towards very high ddos attacks ... Cloudflare will suite best at that time.




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