Power of Cloud Hosting

Posted in Technology Bites on Apr 10, 2015


Scopehosts has started the cloud Hosting service in the Year 2013. Well this is the best Hosting service for client to use which lets the user to take full advantage of the virtualized compute resources together with virtual Networking. Now let us explore some details about Scopehosts cloud hosting in this post.

Cloud Hosting :


Cloud Hosting allows the users to host the websites on VPS, which extracts all their computing resources from Basic Substantial Networks of Physical Web servers. It provides the resources which is necessary for the client's website and user can pay only for the Used resources.

Public Cloud Hosting allows user to host websites on VPS which extracts the resources from the same source as the other VPS are connected and use the same Network to transmit the data.The Physical server will hold the data transmitted from each Cloud servers and provides the security accordingly.These security measures are unique for each cloud server to keep the data private.

Scopehosts Cloud Servers are benefited with fast network-attached storage through our public cloud platform. ScopeHosts Public Cloud is a flexible, scalable, and highly redundant virtualized hosting platform. Our public cloud is ideal for a variety of workloads, including testing and development, email and web hosting. You can get these cloud servers in Netherlands, Germany, Russia and USA.


Features  and Benefits Of Cloud Hosting :


Reliability : Cloud Hosting allows the user to host the website on different Virtual Partitions which uses the resources and Network of Physical Web server . The Cloud resources will be reduced when any Virtual server goes offline but that will not effect the Hosted website on that particular Virtual server.

Data Security Measures and firewall: For each Virtual  Server will be provided with the unique  security measures to keep the data safe and private on Physical server which avoids the nasty users to get on-site access to data.

  • Scopehosts Provides Basic Firewall setup for additional security to the cloud server and it acts as virtual router, where it filters all the traffic.

Resources Usability : If the User website demands for extra resources the physical server will allows to use it, as the resources are real time and not dependent on maximum Physical server Storage.User will pay Only for the Actually Used resources.

Data Traffic : All data traffic within virtual network is free of cost and will be charged for data traffic in and out of Virtual Network. User can purchase a data traffic plan to get increased level of public data traffic for website.

Cost : Cloud Hosting Plans are affordable and assembled with High Quality features to meet the Startup Business, developers, and corporate Enterprises requirements.






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