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Protection Against DDOS Attacks

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Jun 14, 2018


DDOS attacks and DOS attacks are the major cyber security attacks faced by many IT firms frequently. On February 28, 2018 the GitHub was hit by massive Denial of Service attack, with 1.35TB per sec of traffic. Although GitHub managed to successfully tackle the attack in less than 20 minutes.Just few days after Github attack, the memcached-based DDOS attack was hit on US based service provider website with 1.7TB per sec of data.

DDOS attacks have now become the most frequent attacks and have gotten bigger over the years. In the early and mid of 1990s, an attack with 150 requests per sec could get many systems down. Now the attack consists of more than 1000 Gbps of requests per second.

In October 2016, the Mirai botnet was successful in affecting many IOT devices, printers and IP cameras. DDOS attack has been the biggest security threat, which disrupted most of the services including Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, Reddit, Netflix and Spotify.

Want to know how you can prevent DDOS attacks? Let us figure out how you can protect your business website and services against the DDOS attack.

Ways to tackle DDOS Attacks

Cloud Hosting is the ideal way to mitigate smaller DDOS attacks. Also you can try using Cloudflare services to mitigate DDOS attacks efficiently. We provide highly secure Cloud Hosting service and Free Cloudflare services to secure your website with best DDOS Defense Solution. We will help defend against the attacks.

Here are the ideal modes to mitigate DDOS attacks

  • Use of proxy services like Cloudflare to handle small and medium sized DDOS attacks. Cloudflare can detect and block UDP and ICMP protocols, also it can detect DNS, Layer 7 and SYN/ACK attacks.

  • If you are facing major revenue issues when your business website gets affected, then you can opt more expensive security solutions like Staminus, Arbor and NSFocus.

  • In collaboration with your web host can opt null root option. This option may get your website down temporarily, but it is a very efficient and effective way to mitigate DDOS attack.

Make use of effective DDOS defence solution to ensure cent percent security of your website and business. Scopehosts provides best DDOS defence solution for Free to ensure your website is up and running interminably.

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