Tips To Optimize VPS

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Jul 07, 2015


Keeping client standard requirements into consideration Scopehosts takes care and provides managed vps services with default configurations. As client continues to use the services, client needs to know the configuration of the vps needs some changes. You need to make sure optimize vps performance by making appropriate settings to reduce load and improve site response times, including introducing caching, taking a closer look at performance metrics, and utilizing a content delivery network.

Some of the key features you need to constantly keep your eyes on:

1) Apache Settings

You constantly need keep updates on your Apache web server loads. As the Apache place most important role in keeping your website up and accessible. There are various settings, such as KeepAlive, MaxClients, StartServers, and MaxRequestsPerChild, that can be tweaked to provide a better performing server. Our technical support will help you out with these settings configuration.


2) Update MySQL Versions

All your database stored in MySQL. As the site ages, the database increased with the traffic and the data inserted. The MySQL needs to be optimized with many of the tools available like MySQLi available. MySQL configuration needs to be optimized with best of the values matches the Website application or Scripts needs. We can help you with these configurations and keep MySQL running smoothly.


3) Cache Content

Usage of RAM will lead to slow responses of your web pages and load problems. You need make sure that the static website files and content will take lot of resources with repeated access requests. Now you can resolve these issues by using some modules like Memcache, Varnish to optimize the content which are static and do not change. This will keep the site fast and reduce unnecessary loading.


4) Implement CDN

A content delivery network(CDN) can shorten the space between website visitors and your server by storing static content on nodes around the world, allowing for faster content delivery and better performance by freeing up your server’s resources.


These above all key features are well maintained by our managed vps services and Experts available 24/7 to provide support on your requirements.

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