Cancellation Of Request :

There are two types of Cancellation Requests a Client can Open:

1. Immediate Cancellation : this Refers to Immediate Termination of the Services held by the Client. The Client needs to be Careful with this one as once our Cron Job runs the Cancellation requests, Services will be Terminated immedieately and the Data cannot be reverted back.

2. End of Billing Cancellation : This refers the System to Cancel the Service at the End of the Current Billing Period.

* The Client is Responsible for any Data Loss in case of Immediate Cancellations.
* The Client is Responsible for taking Backups before requesting Cancellation.
* Please make sure to give a proper reason for the Cancellation, this will help us in improving our Services.

Dedicated Servers need to be Cancelled before 14 Days of the Next Due date to be eligible for the Cancellation.
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