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The 10 Most Deadly UI/UX Mistakes You Should Never Make

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Aug 09, 2018


Crucial part of good business is having a mind blowing and error free website. Error free website can help you to boost your business and double your web traffic but if any small mistakes has been there in websites then it may be expensive. Redesigning that website is become most tedious task.So it's better to develop a great website which are error free.

1. Bad Navigation

It’s really a good practice when website visitors know where they are at any given moment and have the possibility to travel through website pages freely and swiftly. Ensure that your website has a clear navigation bar on every page.

Suggestion : A clear navigation bar allows your visitors to grasp an overall view of your entire website at a glance.

2. Breaking the back button

The Back Button in a website is most beloved and used a lot by site visitors. We might have seen many people rapid fire clicks as they trace backwards through the pages they have visited.

Suggestion : Never breakdown the back button of a page,viewers may get annoyed and do not return to your site.

3. Missing call to action (CTA Buttons)

No matter what business you’re in, there should always be some kind of call to action.The idea of CTA is to bring people back to your website. Not only this populates your website, attracts more traffic, but it also gives your users the understanding where to go next and what to do.

Suggestion : CTA buttons must be created in such way, that after the click, the visitor should understand what action will be in the follow.

4.Invisible contact details

Did you know that over 64% of all online users want to see the company’s contact information? If there’s no such an information,people become frustrated and leave with no point to return. Your contact information is a key to creating a conversion by having a user get in touch with you.

Tip : A link to the contact page should be in the main menu or in the footer.

5. Slow load times

slow loading .jpg

There is nothing more annoying than a web page that loads slowly. 80% of your traffic will leave your website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load.The swiftness of a website plays an crucial role not only in ranking but also improves user experience.

Tip : Reduce the number of plugins on your site and try Compress the images and videos and enable browser caching.

6. Bad Readability

A website with big chunk of text or information doesn’t work to have advantage. Remember, your visitors first scan your content quickly and only then decide whether it’s worth their time or not.

Tip : Make sure your website is real in appearance concerning white space, minimalist design, the flow of icons, texts and images. It’s important to set a hierarchy for fonts, capitalization and alignments.

7. Complicated Registration Forms

Registration Forms have become crucial in all the websites. While they can be considered the first barrier to any online sale, they’re essential for any business that wants to maintain a relationship with a customer.

Tip : The registration form should be short and simple. People generally don’t like to fill the lengthy forms unless necessary for them and then they end up leaving the site in frustration.

8. No responsive website

The responsive web design is a technique of designing websites in vogue.A responsive design of the website incorporates same content, image and structure on any device. Responsive design methods are the ideal choice to serve content to the extensive range of devices.

Suggestion : If your website can’t adjust to all major screen resolutions, you will potentially lose a lot of visitors as their experience has not been optimized.

9. Orphan pages

Orphaned web pages are those pages which can only be got only from direct url and cannot be accessed from other inner pages on a website.These pages are created only to attract users and where we cannot find this page inside the website, no pages will be linking to this particular page

Tip : Always make sure to put a link to “Home” on every orphan page or Providing a hyperlink to it from another non-orphaned page in your site, such as the Sitemap, can eliminate the error.

10. Connect with Social media

Most of the business websites are failing to link there Social network sites.Neglecting to link to your social media platforms is a main flaw,as Connecting social media to your website can help promote your brand and build your reputation.

Tip : Provide Social Media and E-mail share buttons on each of your product pages, information pages, and blog posts. Including Facebook, Twitter, and email share buttons increases the likelihood that someone will share one of your posts


I hope all these points will help you avoid the common mistakes that we make while designing a website. A website is the Digital presence of one’s business and should be designed and planned carefully. Also, share you experiences and views with us in comment!

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