Valentine's Day Marketing Tricks

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Feb 07, 2018


Any day linked with presenting a special one with spesh presents is a great occasion for E-commerce website to boost website traffic and sales.

Now it is the month of love, care and affection showcased to your loved ones’. Its February and everyone are looking forward for Valentine’s Day. One of the biggest day for all e-commerce websites to get their business boosted in terms of sales and website traffic.

Big holiday rolls is around and as a E-commerce website owner you need not to panic, rather prepare your website according to Valentine’s Day celebration to attract customers to your E-commerce website.

Savvy how you can embellish your E-commerce Website apt to Valentine’s Day

  • Flaunt the most suitable gifts that are most likely to be purchased on valentine’s day via eye-catchy images and graphics. By showcasing the most relevant gifts to be purchased on the day love, you’re making the shoppers have clear idea on what products to be purchased.

    Creation of landing page or pop-up on home page related to products and gifts would help website visitors to easily perceive the apt products for valentine’s day.

  • Sometimes all a shopper need is a package of gifts at a lesser rate. Offer an all in one wrapped gift box with suitable gifts. This is could be one of the marketing campaign to tempt many buyers. This all in one gift box with multiple relevant gifts, would be the alternate option to buy than purchasing single product. Combo of products is the best way to hit the bullseye.

  • Special Discount for Valentine’s Day is one best way to tempt the shoppers. Providing huge discounts on the products is the most appealing marketing strategy to boost the sales.

  • Allow visitors to take their pick. Make sure to equip your E-commerce website visitors to pick their choice of products and option for custom-made bouquet of gifts. Custom-made gift box allows the shoppers to pick their choice, carving way for boosting sales.

  • Fast and Free Shipping is one key element that attracts shoppers the most. Ensure your shoppers with their products reaching them on or before 14th February, because gifting someone on 15th February does not work in the same way as gifting on 14th February. Fast plus Free shipping of products play as trump cards in tempting the shoppers.

  • Cut down the gift wrapping labour of your buyer by offering free gift wrapping. Free gift wrapping will earn you more buyers and ensures driving customers back to your online store.

Make this Valentine’s Day very special for your E-commerce business by following these marketing tricks, as well to the people around the globe to pick their choice and make the day memorable.

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