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An Era of XEN Virtualization.

Posted in Technology Bites on Feb 28, 2015


Scopehosts Introduced New and popular Virtualization technology called XEN Virtualization on July1,2013 at Netherlands location. This Services allows to choose multiple operating systems and controlled by SolusVM Control Panel. Let us discuss more about XEN Virtualization technology.


Definition : 

XEN is a New and most popular Virtualization , that has an hypervisor on  microkernel to reach out the better performance of multiple Operating Systems to run their Applications on Same Computer Hardware at a time.XEN requires highly privileged CPU state to run the application.

Here Hypervisor plays an important role, that contains the allocation of the resources among the virtual machines presently running on Main Machine like Memory allocation / management, CPU of all virtual machines and creates the Most privileged domain(dom0) which will have direct root access to machine hardware by default and a unprivileged Domain(domU). The Resources are  dedicated to all the virtual machines running on machine. XEN is featured with maximum of Configurable options.

Types of XEN Virtualization : 

There are two approaches to run multiple Operating Systems, were choice if any approach is depend on XEN Hosting System Administrator.

1) XEN-PV : Pararvirtualization Approach

Here, the virtual machines running on main server will run modified Operating System and altered to use the special hypercall ABI rather than sophisticated Architectural features.

Although on  host Architecture, the user can experience high performance which may not cooperate with traditional Virtualization Technologies.

2 ) XEN-HVM : Hardware Virtual Machine Approach

Virtualization Supporting CPUs can make viable for unmodified Guests on main node which includes operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. the XEN uses this Hardware assisted Virtualization known as XEN-HVM.

XEN-HVM comes with additional Execution modes which allows both most-privileged modes and less-privileged modes to run in different modes.For multiple Independent levels of memory protection and paging the latest version of XEN-HVM allows only fully virtualised HVM guests to make use of hardware support.



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