Know Why VPS Hosting When Business Outgrows

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Jan 21, 2018


Happy about your outgrown business and website successfully fetching thousands of website visitors on daily basis? Then make sure to be quick on servicing your customers and plan out new features and strategies to fetch even more visitors to your website. But if you are a Shared hosting client then adding up of new features to website to get more visitors is quiet demanding, as attracting new visitors to website requires addition of new updates.

Want to figure out the solution? Definitely not Dedicated Servers, because renting out an entire server is not the optimal solution as you will be paying for resources more than required by your business.

Fortunately, there is hosting service that bridges a gap between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting service and that is VPS hosting service. In this article you will get to know why VPS hosting could be the best solution for hosting the growing websites.

A VPS or a Virtual Private Server, is created on a single physical server along with other virtual private servers. Unlike Shared Hosting, each VPS on a server is independent of other VPS and each VPS is allocated with dedicated resources of server. Each VPS user will be equipped to run any operating system, install any kind of applications and more on the VPS. That is, the VPS user will get complete root access to handle every aspect of the VPS.

Let us know the reasons to go with VPS to suffice the growing website’s requirements

  • Watch over your spending, because growing a business requires upgrading the business with brand new updates. Hence opting a VPS to host your website for boosting your business growth is the ideal choice with respect to both cost and capacity. VPS is cost-effective compared to Dedicated servers and provide dedicated resources unlike Shared Hosting service.

  • Complete control over the VPS is the vital benefit you get with the virtual servers. You get the complete freedom to install and run any kind of applications and also you can configure the VPS according to your website requirements.

  • Chances of your website going down is very rare, because if the main physical server goes down, the VPS hosted on it can be rebooted on other physical server. Hence your website is available and functions interminably.

  • As you can evidence that every VPS on a server is associated with isolated environment unlike the shared hosting, the probability of your VPS getting affected by other client’s work is too less. Also the Web Host will provide higher security updates and patches, SSL Certificates, Sitelock, Firewalls and better security measures with VPS hosting compared to shared hosting.

  • VPS hosting is the most scalable hosting service and you get complete flexibility to scale up or down the VPS hosting packages according to your business growth and website needs.

  • Use of multiple VPS hosted on a same server to run entirely different applications and websites. This is a not possible with dedicated servers, because owning multiple servers is highly expensive.

So look beyond shared hosting service to manage your website needs to suffice the requirements of outgrown business. Get the BEST and highly configured VPS at LEAST by Scopehosts, so do look at VPS hosting by Scopehosts if you are in need of VPS of higher efficiency.

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