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Linux Hosting Or Windows Hosting?

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Jul 19, 2018


As a Web Hosting service provider, we do get many clients posing queries on which hosting platform to choose, Windows or Linux? Which platform is most preferred? And more. But the truth is, both are great in their own way and choosing between both Linux and Windows platform, completely depends on your website requirements. Also, both Linux and Windows come with certain merits and demerits. Here you have a few important aspects with respect to Linux hosting and Windows hosting which might help you in opting the best hosting platform for your website.

What is Windows Hosting?

Windows is the most preferred operating system across. Windows hosting uses windows as the server’s operating system. Windows hosting is opted by those who work on Microsoft software such as Microsoft Server SQL, Microsoft Access and etc, ASP.NET, Visual Basic Development and others. With respect to database support, windows hosting provides better features than the rest. Scopehosts provides Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 OS version with Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers to provide better performance experience in comparison to the rest of the platforms.

Pros of Windows Hosting

  • Windows Hosting supports .NET framework if your website is based on visual basic or .net.
  • Support for Windows FrontPage extension.
  • Windows hosting is most flexible and consistent and allows you to host multiple websites from a single tab.
  • Hassle-free integration of database with windows based server.
  • The biggest merit of windows hosting is its compatibility with other software.

Cons of Windows Hosting

  • Microsoft product licenses are costlier.
  • Windows hosting is the optimal platform for websites which requires fast loading time.
  • Windows servers require additional resources such as disk space, RAM, bandwidth and more.
  • Windows hosting poses compatibility issues when it comes to the use of PERL or CGI applications.
  • Windows is not a free operating system as that of Linux.

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is open source platform with high-security features. Due to the open source nature, Linux is the most preferred OS in the world. Linux hosting is a popular hosting service as it is affordable, easy to use and comes with built-in security features. Linux hosting is most opted to host e-commerce websites. Scopehosts provides Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and OpenSUSE OS versions to provide powerful hosting experience.

Pros of Linux Hosting

  • Linux servers are less prone to online attacks due to the existence of built-in security features and protocols.
  • Linux supports the use of other open-source such as MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl and more.
  • Requires less amount of memory when compared to windows.
  • Linux hosting costs lesser than windows hosting.
  • Linux hosting is highly compatible because no matter what OS you use, Linux hosting is compatible with every OS.

Cons of Linux Hosting

  • One need to learn thoroughly Linux command line to handle Linux system.
  • Not all the versions of Linux come with long-term support.
  • Updating any software or application consumes time.
  • With Linux, only some of the 3rd arty programs can be installed by the admin.
  • To install any hardware component with Linux, need to make that the specific hardware has the drivers available.

Both the hosting services have advantages and disadvantages, but you should choose the optimal hosting service to host your website based on your website requirements, your investment and other aspects.

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