Managed VPS vs. Unmanaged VPS.

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Scopehosts managed and unmanaged VPS hosting started in the year of 2009,  most of the clients chosen unmanaged VPS where as managed VPS is for the startup Business clients. Now let us discuss in detail that which service is best managed or unmanaged....????

 Managed VPS : 


Managed Hosting is nothing but giving VPS for a lease from Web Hosting providers who just not manage the server but also help clients to setup and configure the server as per their requirement, manage Software and backup, Manage database, Full control over server and etc. It allows the user to host websites without concerning the size of website and the number of professionals connected to it. The managed Hosting is suitable for the one who is using VPS for first time and for startup business, Huge industries, who is really eager to improve the business rather that concentrating on cost of hosting service.

Scopehosts managed VPS service is powered by OpenVZ and Xen-HVM Platform software and controlled by SolusVM Panel Which is most frequently used by  Best of the Industries.Scopehosts allows the cleint to entice the Best manage VPS service in multiple locations with highly quality and free cPnanel/WHM Panel, Firewall Configuration, Malware/Trojan Protection, Basic DDOS Protection.

Unmanaged VPS : 


The unmanaged Hosting is just opposite to managed Hosting. the client will bow to take full access over the server and Its client's responsibility to manage software,backup,database and etc. Unmanaged Hosting gives total freedom to use the server within Web Hosting provider's security Constraints. Unmanaged Hosting service is cost effective than managed Hosting.The client have to pay for any Kind of Professional assistance on server except Basic Management support.

Scopehosts Unmanaged VPS are Highly configured and Comes with 100Mbps and 1gbps Network as per the location with SolusVM Panel. These packages are designed in latest hardware’s, with best of the performances.User's websites with less resource consumption and need less support than managed can go for unmanged VPS and the one who is frequently using the VPS Hosting then unmanaged would be better option.

Which One is best for you?


Before you choose any one among the above, Just quick think on your website requirements and budget. Let us help you for that...

Note : Consider  the Following Main points  before ordering

  1. Need of resources for users requirement.

  2. Affordable Hosting service.

  3. No service Downtime.

  4. 99.99% Uptime.

  5. Free access to VPS remotely.

  6. Hosting service with Control Panel .

  7. Discounts on Hosting service that user chooses.

  8. Best Professional Live Support.

  9. Choice your service Location.

  10. Money back policy.

Hope these might help you enough to choose the Best service and  Improve the Business and customers traffic.




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