Role of SEO in Website Ranking

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Jul 22, 2018


Want to get high visibility for your website? Trying paid advertisement? Well, your website would benefit more from the organic traffic than traffic through paid ads to get a higher position on the relevant Search Engine Result Page.

To be at the top of Google Search Engine Result Page is not an easier task. To get your website the higher placement on search engines you need to optimize your website well and also your website must be the BEST website in your business niche.

How to achieve High Position on Google SERP?

Content, Domain Name, Links, Meta tags, Security measures are some of the important aspects to be taken care of to achieve high placement on Google’s relevant search engine result page. On a whole SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the one-stop solution to optimize website well to get the higher rank on search engines.

1. Content

Content is one of the key areas the Google looks into to rank a website. Google appreciates the websites with more content, relevant content and regularly updated content. Also, your website content must include properly organized relevant keywords. Google opposes keyword stuffing throughout the web page content. Nowadays Google favors the LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords along with long tail, generic and broad search keywords.

Unique content throughout the website is something Google looks for when ranking a website. Copying content from other websites in your business niche does not fetch any organic traffic and higher search engine ranking for your website.

Well-structured website with rightly organized content, the addition of multimedia, posting of videos on YouTube(as it is a Google site) and use of certain tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tool and etc can yield good Search Engine Optimization result.

2. Meta Tags

Meta tags mainly include title, description and meta keyword tags. These important meta tags must be included on every page of a website. All the three tags must be specific to each web page, for instance, if your website has Shared hosting web page then the title, description and keyword must include the text specific and relevant to the shared hosting service.

Even though keyword tag is not given higher importance by Google still many of the webmasters include keyword tag in every web page of their website.

3. Domain Name

The domain of your website and other aspects of the domain name used for your website is of higher importance in view of Search Engine Optimization.

Use of an older domain name is advantageous only if that domain is never involved in black hat techniques and never been penalized by Google for violating the rules.

Your website domain name must be short, pronounceable and must be easily remembered with the inclusion of keyword.

A website is relevant and unique domain name but with poor SEO does not fetch anything to your website.

4. IP Address

Backlinks to your site must come from sites with different IP address. Links to your website with the same IP address does not help in search engine optimization.

5. Always Available

Websites that are up and running for 24/7/365 are most likely to attract the customers. So, your website must have high uptime to gain organic traffic and higher placement in SERP.

6. Mobile-Friendly Websites

In this digital era people across globe are addicted to their smart phone, tablets and more, so having a mobile optimized website with responsive design can steer more organic traffic to website along with boosting search engine ranking of your website.

7. SSL Certificates

SSL certificate is the sign indicating high security of the website. Also, Google now supports the websites with SSL certificate and ranks them higher.

8. Regularly Updating Websites

Google suggests you update your website with the latest security updates and patches to secure website against the online threats. Regularly updating the site with the latest security patches boosts the confidence of your customers about your website and results in increased website traffic.

Not only the above-mentioned factors there are other factors specifically – links and page speed which are important to rank your website higher on Google.

If you have any suggestion with respect to the factors to get the website ranked higher on SERP then do comment in the comment section.

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