What is Pro-Rata Billing?

Pro-rata billing refers to being charged or receiving part or proportion of a fee or benefit on your bill. Pro-rata billing applies to monthly fees and monthly cap inclusions.

 Pro Rata billing will be applied on our Range of Dedicated Servers.

How it is Applied?

1. The Services is taken beofe 5th of Everymonth gets the Service till the End of the Month.
Eg : Service Taken on 04/01/2014
       Billed Till : 31/01/2014
       Service Duration : 27 Days.

2. The Services Taken after 5th of Everymonth will be counted for remaining days of that month + the next full month.
Eg : Service Taken on 12/01/2014
       Billed Till : 28/02/2014
       Service Duration : 47 Days.

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